Suggestions music: celebrating the French song

Suggestions musicales: célébrons la chanson française

Cédric Bélanger

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the cultural journalists of the Newspaper have suggested different lists of music listening, exclusively in quebec, in the aim of highlighting the culture here. But in this week of the national holiday of the French, we’ve been wanting to make a nod to our cousins in developing a reading list of French artists that have emerged in our cultural landscape, and which have conquered the hearts of Quebecers.

S : La bohème, Charles Aznavour

Hello Cédric ! I think I am not wrong in saying that Aznavour and Piaf were among the first French artists to weave a love story with Québec. I want to pay tribute to the man that I’ve covered the last show in quebec, with the last song he performed on stage, here. A moment of great sweetness that will remain forever etched in my memory.

  • To listen to the same artist : My grief, the pleasures of The old-fashioned

C : The trumpets of fame, Georges Brassens

It is a privilege that you have been able to live this moment with the great Aznavour. I was too small (or not yet born) to judge the popularity of Brassens with us when his career was at its zenith. One thing is for certain, his songs have crossed the time, continue to have an echo in my surroundings and it makes me particularly laugh.

  • To listen to the same artist : The bad reputation, The gorilla

S : Turns, Yves Duteil

I have been a witness of the strong link between Quebecers and the legend of French for the first time last year in a show where he received seven ovations. Better late than never, will you tell. For me, this was a great discovery. I fell under the charm of its songs, but also for his romantic poetry, as evidenced in this piece.

  • To listen to the same artist : Armed love, The song of the righteous

C : Ma preference Julien Clerc

As a kid, I was a fan of his famous Heart of rocker. As I got older I found its directory, as you with Duteil, and my preference has become… My preference.

  • To listen to the same artist : Heart of a rocker, This is nothing

S : Take me dancing tonight, Michèle Torr

A choice surprising for my age, but inescapable if we are talking about our personal ties with the French song. I broke the ears when I was young with this song has become a guilty pleasure, that has marked some of my karaoke nights…

  • To listen to the same artist : A blue wave, Discomotion

C : Voyage Voyage, Desireless

Serge Drouin would be proud of you (hello, Serge !). Anecdote : we spent the day in the Year 2019 in a hotel in Marrakech with a group of French. What is it that played just after midnight ? Travel trip. Surely the song new wave by excellence of the 1980s, in France, and a big radio hit here at the time.

  • To listen to the same artist : Who are we ?, John

S : Nation, Tibz

I go out of the frame nostalgic with younger artists like Desireless with Travel, have had radio hits was phenomenal on this side of the Atlantic. Three years ago, it was the turn of Tibz to invade the airwaves with a Nation, a piece that I love for its side gatherer, and that allows him to hope for a career here.

  • To listen to the same artist : It is not there, the Paris-Montreal

C : I love you melancholy, Mylene Farmer

I stay in a certain nostalgia, in melancholy, with a pearl in the repertoire of an artist with a beautiful, we would have liked to see more often in Quebec, where she was born. At least, his songs have traveled to us.

  • To listen to the same artist : Disenchanted, non-infringement

S : The walls of dust, Francis Cabrel

Now here’s someone who has stepped back and forth to Quebec city more often. It made me rediscover his repertoire in a more folk during his last tour, including this beautiful song, piece-title of the album, which has enabled the Quebec – and Quebec – fall in love with him at the end of the 1970s.

  • To listen to the same artist : The ink of your eyes, Blowgun

C : Sun of winter, Niagara

After having played melodies of been on his first album, Niagara then took a direction more serious that beautifully illustrates this touching piece which deals with the theme of suicide. If the voice of Muriel Moreno we lack ? Put-in.

  • To listen to the same artist : The end of stars, Enough

S : Just before, Patrick Bruel

A stroke of heart is often inexplicable. Even if it is Who has the right and Break the voice that lit the Bruelmania in Quebec, my favourite song of his repertoire will always remain the piece-the title of his fourth album, which conveys the simple message of enjoying the present moment.

  • To listen to the same artist : Café des délices, For life

C : Alice and June, Indochina

I love Indo-pop, but I still love most of his songs with bite, such as the part-title of the double-album released in 2005, when the group of Nicola Sirkis proved he had not lost the key of his debut.

  • To listen to the same artist : The czars, the 3rd sex

S : Lampedusa, Christophe Maé

The last in the list to have caused a tidal wave that at us is, without doubt, Christophe Maé, whose work is tinged by the music of the world, and his accent crisp in the south, cannot be summed up in his song where is the happiness.

  • To listen to the same artist : The people, California

C : The night je mens, Alain Bashung

There would be so many other artists to mention, but it is impossible for me to conclude without Bashung. The grand Bashung, party on the most beautiful of notes, the sublime Blue oil. My choice singer stops however, on this unmissable, 1998, that still leaves in my boots mountains of questions.

  • To listen to the same artist : So many nights, the arrival of The tour

S : I have both retracted, Zaz

Actually, both of essentials will not end up in our too short of a list. I think of Joe Dassin, Véronique Sanson, Renaud… but I want to conclude with one of their worthy descendant, who was able to keep the essence of the French song in his compositions, and that, too, quickly found their way into the hearts of Quebecers.

  • To listen to the same artist : Always, along the road
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