Suicide of a loved one: you have rights

Suicide of a loved one: you have rights


When a loved one dies, you have the option of taking leave. This is also the case if this death is due to suicide. You may also have access to the medical file to find out the exact cause of death or to exercise your rights.

You are entitled to leave

< p>You have the right to be absent from work for five days when the deceased person is a member of your immediate family. Which means: your child, your spouse, your spouse's child, one of your parents, your brother or your sister.

Of these five days of leave : two days are at the employer's expense and the last three at your own expense.

In the event of the suicide of your child, one of your parents or your spouse, you may be entitled to 104 weeks of unpaid leave. 

You may have access to medical records

The spouse and immediate family of the deceased have the right to obtain information relating to the cause of death only. However, they are not entitled to it if the deceased person has previously refused such a right of access in writing.

The heirs of a person who has committed suicide can have access to their medical file to exercise their rights. They must clearly explain and justify why consultation of the file is necessary. For example, an heiress can have access to the medical file if she demonstrates that she wants to sue or file a complaint against the health establishment. 


For all issues related to suicide: 1 866 CALL (1 866 277-3553) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Suicide of a loved one: you have rights

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