Sultry Kamensky was a Hawaiian Princess and riveted the attention of the millions: “Perfect”

Знойная Каменских стала гавайской принцессой и приковала взгляды миллионов: "Идеально"

On the new photo Nastya has pleased fans a stylish way. She was wearing a fashionable skirt pencil, leopard top and furry turquoise.

In this “Hawaiian” way Nastya Kamenskih posed for the cover of the Ukrainian magazine.

Знойная Каменских стала гавайской принцессой и приковала взгляды миллионов: "Идеально"

Fans are not passed by and immediately began to comment on the stylish image of the singer. Some liked it, others fell into a stupor.

“Beauty and that says it all!!!!!!!”, “And plump was more personal, the Goddess, in other word”, “the Bomb!”, “Real flower”, “Nastya, you’ve bloomed”, “to be beautiful, and even when the soul is fine — just talented”, “beautiful Outfit , perfect to the figure , apparently feminine. The truth is women as it is tied to a coloring, consider yourself wild cats 🙂 it becomes common”, “”Orchid” — a Heavenly Flower,” wrote fans in the comments.

It is worth Recalling that Ukrainian singer NK – Nastya Kamensky showed a romantic video, in which he promised that “will love it always.” Fans were confused and overwhelmed a star a bunch of questions “who is he?”.

This writes the “Clutch”.

The video appeared on the YouTubechannel Nastya Kamensky. This is a new artist clip for the song “Promise”.

Знойная Каменских стала гавайской принцессой и приковала взгляды миллионов: "Идеально"

Ukrainian hit immediately liked the audience and a day gained almost a million views. Some called it the unofficial “wedding vows”.

The song Kamensky recognized feelings dear heart of man:

“I promise to love, cherish you, to always support and inspire. Remember this”.

Fans immediately suspected that the addressee of a love letter rapper Potap. In addition, he is co-author of lyrical track.

Anastasia, you and Alex wrote a wonderful song!!! Great!!!! And this video, in my opinion, the best of what you’ve shot before,”

“God, what a beautiful woman. Queen!”,

“It seems that the wedding vows. And at the end of the clip Anastasia the bride. We wait for official news?))) How much can you pull of intrigue”,

“Now all brides on their weddings will be future men sing this song”

“Nice-nice, well meaning guys even understand? Our Nastya has married)” — write in the comments.

We will remind, heartbroken Jolie wrote a will

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