SUM 41 at the FEQ: the pioneers of pop punk turn up

SUM 41 at the FEQ: Pop punk pioneers turn up


The news had created a small stir, at the beginning of 2022, among fans of Simple Plan and SUM 41: the well-buried hatchet, Deryck Whibley had agreed to sing a few lines of the new song by Simple Plan, Ruin My Life.

Better yet, the two bands then announced a joint tour, a matter of mixing up the memories of those nostalgic for pop punk from the beginning of the millennium.

In short, one wonders if this story of rivalry that the two Canadian groups maintained at the time, with spicy declarations, was real or an invention to get the media talking about them.

Answer by Deryck Whibley , which Le Journal joined recently before the group came to the Festival d'été de Québec: it was true.

On the other hand, although the guys from SUM 41 are the ones who lit the fuse, he admits, it was all a joke.

“We were young, we were bored and we just wanted to fuck shit for no other reason than we were two Canadian bands that were successful at the same time and it would be fun to go on an Oasis-Blur-type squabble.”

MTV, the catalyst

Twenty years later, pop punk, which had sunk into oblivion, is reborn from its ashes thanks to a new generation of artists eager to reconnect with the musical style that rocked its youth.

L craze reach the heights of the heyday of Simple Plan and SUM 41? Deryck Whibley ignores it and tones it down.

“This music was very popular thanks to MTV. Today, we can make clips that are broadcast on YouTube, but this is not a place where we will watch them all at the same time. There is no longer a channel that everyone absolutely had to watch, like MTV at the time.”

The MTV effect ? It was phenomenal and instantaneous, recalls the singer. SUM 41 took full advantage when the Fat Lip music video snuck into the regular rotation.

“For two years, we had filmed in the United States and we watched the channel in our hotel rooms. Suddenly, we were part of it. Two or three days after our music video first aired, people were stopping us in the street every day.”

Double album

Reflecting on the good old times does not prevent SUM 41 from moving forward. Even a double album, whose release date remains unknown, is almost ready.

Heaven and Hell will show the two faces of the formation: half pop punk, l other heavy metal.

Incidentally, the new material came about when Whibley set about writing pop punk-style songs for a 20th anniversary deluxe reissue of the album All Killer, No Filler, which their record company Universal.

“I wrote six or seven of them and loved them all. So I said to them, guys, do you know what? I keep them”, says the artist.

At the same time, he had also started composing heavy metal songs. The double album project imposed itself.

These intense Quebecers

The studio is good, but what Deryck Whibley prefers, this is the scene. Meeting the admirers of Quebec during the Summer Festival is the height of joy. Like many other rock bands, SUM 41 loves playing in the capital.

“It's hard to explain, but the response and energy you get on stage from the audience is always greater. intense in Quebec.”

At the FEQ, SUM 41 will also have the distinction of being the headliner of a punk menu that will also feature major groups, Millencolin and Pennywise.

“It's an honor to play after them, but it also makes us nervous because they're all great. These are bands we listened to growing up, when we were in high school, so there's pressure, but also excitement.”

SUM 41 performing at the Parc de la Francophonie, on July 15, as part of the Festival d'été de Québec.