Sumi admitted that still “searches for” mistress of her own husband among the Actresses: “a Whole bunch of versions”

Сумская призналась, что до сих пор "ищет" любовниц собственного мужа среди актрис: "Целая куча версий"

Natalia and Olga Sumskaya

yesterday, 20:40

Recently, the people’s artist of Ukraine Natalia Sumi admitted that it is still jealous of her husband Anatoly Hostikoev to other artists, and also revealed the secret of family happiness.

About this she told in interview to TV channel “Ukraine”

Note that a celebrity has more than 20 years married to actor Anatoliy Hostikoev. However, it is acknowledged that jealous still.

“Jealousy is good, is this feeling! You’re not dreaming. I, too, was jealous. That passed, and she talks with him, and I “what is she talking about?” And have a whole bunch of versions in my head – and something I have not, and may need to catch up, to dress better, I like it or not. I’m jealous and still a little…”, – says Sumi.

Сумская призналась, что до сих пор "ищет" любовниц собственного мужа среди актрис: "Целая куча версий"

Nataliya Sumska

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However, despite the jealousy, the actress revealed their own secret family well-being.

“I guess the secret is to save this marriage and relationship, to preserve the mood. Because we are alive and we are given feelings. We need to keep – I in him and him in me is the mood for work,” she summed up.

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