Summer tour: Midi Libre welcomes you this July 11 at the Seaquarium

Summer tour: Midi Libre welcomes you this July 11 at the Seaquarium

La Tournée de l’été Midi Libre va s’installer, ce jeudi 11 juillet, au Seaquarium. Midi Libre – GIACOMO ITALIANO

Cette année encore, la Tournée de l’été Midi Libre part à votre rencontre tout au long de la saison estivale. Nouvelle escale de cette cinquième édition, ce jeudi, au Seaquarium (Gard).

The Midi Libre Summer Tour will set up shop this Thursday, July 11 (10 a.m. to 12 p.m.), at the Seaquarium Institut Marin in Grau-du-Roi (Gard). Meetings, activities and games will be on the program for this fourth stage in the presence of our partner Pasino La Grande-Motte. Come many!

1 : Entertainment for young and old

As in previous editions of the Summer Tour, the Midi Libre stand present this Thursday at the Seaquarium Institut Marin du Grau-du-Roi will offer games and activities for young and old. Children will be able to take part in a treasure hunt, where they will have to find clues to complete a course and win numerous gifts. A one-armed bandit, the famous game of chance found in casinos, will also be on site to occupy and delight the most gamblers. Enough to promise lots of laughs and have a great time together!

2: A center of scientific culture

This is a great first for a Mediterranean aquarium. Engaged for many years now in the study, awareness and protection of marine ecosystems, the Seaquarium of Grau-du-Roi has just been officially recognized as a Center for scientific culture by the Association of Museums and Centers for the Development of Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture (AMCSTI). A distinction which will allow the site to benefit from and rely on the entire national network of the association. In charge of scientific communication, Elodie Cubillas will be present on this stage of the Summer Tour to answer all visitors' questions on this theme.

3: Many species in the spotlight

With more than 2,400,m2 devoted to marine life organized into interactive courses, the Seaquarium Institut Marin has in its tanks more than 2,000 fish from the Mediterranean and the tropics, but also seals, sea ​​lions and even more than twenty species of sharks. Treasures of the seabed that it is possible to discover throughout the year and that Chloé Espinosa and Emilie Despois, scientific mediators in the study of Eelgrass Grasslands and blue-skinned sharks of Mediterranean, will come and present on the occasion of this underwater stopover.

4: Preservation actions

Beyond its research work and improvement of knowledge of the seabed, the Seaquarium Institut Marin is also very active in the preservation of fauna and flora, ;image of his work protecting seahorses or even marking blue-skinned sharks. Alice Beaujoin, scientific mediator in naturalist monitoring and observation of pelagic fauna, will also be present on the Midi Libre stand to discuss these issues.

Meet at 10 a.m. at the Seaquarium Institut Marin du Grau-du-Roi (Avenue de la Mer).

Summer tour: Midi Libre welcomes you this July 11 at the Seaquarium

Jean-Marc Groul, director of the Seaquarium. Free Midi – GIACOMO ITALIANO

Interview with the site director

Jean-Marc Groul : « A very good start to the season »

How do you see this 2024 summer season ?

We are in a certain form of continuity. It has been two years since the Seaquarium has received more than 400,000 visitors. This year again, our objective is to welcome our audience in the best possible conditions. And everything has been done by our teams to ensure that this is the case.

Are the first attendance figures encouraging ?

Yes, we are off to a very good start to the season. We have notably increased our offers with several outings organized this summer outside the Seaquarium. These are activities that are very popular with visitors. Knowing that what is most important for us is to adapt and take into account this new approach to the environment that the general public may have, with a real demand for knowledge of marine spaces. This is also part of our mission as a Center for Scientific Culture, where we have a real role of mediation and inclusion for all audiences.

Especially since these are themes that have experienced significant popularity in recent years.

Indeed, these are increasingly important issues. There is a clear desire among many people to turn towards our closest environment, across the Bay of Grau-du-Roi, the Gulf of Lion and the Mediterranean Sea. And this is precisely where we concentrate all our preservation missions. We see this, for example, with the spectacular growth of our seagrass beds on our coasts.

The unmissable

Heading for Espiguette

While Thomas Roger's “Feast of Kings” exhibition closed less than a month ago, the Seaquarium Institut Marin inaugurated its brand new visual and scientific program for this summer on July 1: “Heading for Espiguette”. This free exhibition highlights photographs taken by citizen divers during dives organized to inventory the species of the sandy bottoms. Sketches and illustrations have also been put in place to accompany the photographs and offer a clearer and more educational vision of underwater biodiversity. See you on the forecourt of the Seaquarium Institut Marin until this fall.

An illustration contest

In partnership with Pascal Girard, naturalist photographer, the Seaquarium Institut Marin has opened a unique illustration competition “Nudibranches of the Mediterraneanée”. Open à all major artists until Monday September 30, this competition aims to merge graphic art, macro photography and science. Participants must submit original works in digital format by email (, necessarily including one of the photos provided by Pascal Girard, available on request. The winning works will be presented from February 2025 and for a period of six months, in an outdoor exhibition ;large format print.

Thirst for discoveries

Want to discover the biodiversity of of our coastline ? The naturalist outings of the Seaquarium Institut Marin are made for you. And the least we can say is that there will be something for all tastes. The “pond outings” will allow you to learn more about plankton, avifauna but also Mediterranean vegetation, while “beach outings&rdquo ; will be as for à they are dedicated to the search for sea urchins and crabs by the sea. Finally, the site's scientific mediators will host the “beach library”, every Friday from July 12 to August 16, for moments of reading and entertainment on the oceans. More information on 04 66 51 57 37.

Summer tour: Midi Libre welcomes you this July 11 at the Seaquarium

The partners of the Midi Libre Summer Tour. DR

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