Sunday night: “Get me out of here!” and “La Voix” continue their dominance

Sunday Night: “Get Me Out Of Here!” and “The Voice” ; continue their domination


TVA continues to enjoy great success with its Sunday shows “Get Me Out of Here!” and “The Voice,” which topped the ratings scale. 

Some 1,357,330 viewers watched the release of first camper Deano Clavet, in the third episode of the reality show “Get me out of here!”, which takes place in Costa Rica.

“The Voice, which for its part presented the third and final stage of the duels, putting the table for the battlefields next Sunday, attracted 1,300,300 fans, according to preliminary figures from the Numeris firm.

TVA also offered the 6 p.m. “TVA Nouvelles” (697,200), “The real nature” (682,000) and the “TVA Nouvelles” network (230,000).

As for ICI Télé, “Everyone talks about it” attracted 777,600 curious people, ahead of The Adventures of the Pharmacist” (454,400), “Discovery” (435,600), “Le Téléjournal 6 p.m.” (370,300) and “Le Téléjournal” at 10 p.m. (325,800).

Finally, Noovo reached 688,000 followers of “Big Brother Celebrities” and 269,600 remained on its antenna for “Big Brother Celebrities – the podium managers”.