Super Bowl: 5 duels to watch

Super Bowl: 5 duels to watch


A big duel like the Super Bowl is always marked by several small decisive duels. Many only have eyes for quarterbacks, but many other players have a major impact. This will be the case between the Chiefs and the Eagles, with several players who can change the course of the game and whose efforts will have to be contained. A matter of getting into the bath before the big night, here are five of these duels that will influence the course of the ultimate match. 

Andrew Wylie | Haason Reddick

This is certainly the most defining struggle. Reddick has been a force of nature in recent years and especially this season. He recorded 16 quarterback sacks during the regular season and added 3.5 in two playoff games. The Chiefs offensive line is very strong at center and guard positions, but Wylie is probably the weak link as a right tackle. Without saying that he is a bad player, it is permissible to doubt his ability to limit Reddick's momentum. A supporting tight end wouldn't be a bad idea.

Chris Jones | Isaac Seumalo

While the Chiefs' defensive front isn't dominant as a whole, Chris Jones often manages to be a game changer single-handedly. The tackle has been doubled on 69% of his plays, according to ESPN, which hasn't stopped him from being the most effective in his position with 15.5 sacks this season and two more against the Bengals in the Conference Finals . The Eagles offensive line is the best in the league and Seumalo will certainly be helped by center Jason Kelce. Jones moves a lot on the line of scrimmage and he will also sometimes face the blockers on the outside. It will be a constant game of chess.

Isiah Pacheco | Javon Hargrave

If Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has one flaw despite his time-tested eloquence in concocting brilliant offensive game plans, it's that he can forget about the run. With his quarterback Patrick Mahomes mortgaged, the ball must be given to Isiah Pacheco, the fierce rookie carrier. He ran just 22 times in two playoff games for 5.5 yards per carry. The Eagles are 15th against the run and there is an element to exploit there. There's a lot of turnover on the defensive line, but tackle Javon Hargrave remains the most reliable run stopper.

Jarius Sneed | A.J. Brown

The Chiefs secondary is extremely young, especially the cornerbacks. No less than four of them are rookies and Sneed, a third-year player, is the veteran. Another problem, Sneed suffered a concussion against the Bengals and his presence is uncertain. If he's out of action, the job of defending against A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith will fall to Jaylen Watson and Trent McDuffie, two green navels. The Chiefs have their fingers crossed that Sneed comes back to the rescue. Brown has been quiet since the start of the playoffs, but could explode at any moment.

Nick Bolton |Miles Sanders

The Eagles are a power on the ground this season with 12 games of at least 135 yards rushing and even five of at least 200 yards. Miles Sanders is the one leading the charge, when not quarterback Jalen Hurts. Nick Bolton is effective against the ground game and led the team with 180 tackles this season. It is the second-highest total in the league and a franchise record. Inconvenient tackles, since he has a knack for hitting hard. He is the general of the defense of the Chiefs at only 22 years old. If the Chiefs limit the damage on the ground, they will be driving. 

Did you know that…?&nbsp ;

  • Patrick Mahomes is the third quarterback in history, after Drew Brees and Tom Brady, to have accumulated more a season of 5,000 passing yards.
  • Nine of the 10 players drafted by the Chiefs last spring have played in this series, including four as starters. An exceptional cuvée!
  • Fans of superstitions, know that the Chiefs will wear their white jersey and that 36 of the 56 Super Bowl champions, including 15 of the last 18, were in white. 
  • Including the playoffs, Jalen Hurts has scored 15 rushing touchdowns this season, setting him the record for a quarterback, ahead of Cam Newton's 14 touchdowns in 2011.
  • The Eagles became the first in history to be number one in their conference twice in five years with different head coaches and quarterbacks.
  • In their history at Super Bowl, the Eagles will be making their fourth appearance in their green jersey. Their record is one win and two losses. 

Like a big family party 

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce should make a lot of headlines this week in Arizona.

Super Bowl week begins and it's as if Arizona is getting ready to host a nice big family party.

Obviously, the Chiefs and the Eagles will not be giving each other a present Sunday, at Glendale. Nevertheless, there is an air of reunion, a kind of fraternal momentum.

It must be said that for the first time in the history of the Super Bowl, two brothers will be opposed. And not just any!

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce needs no introduction. He's fifth all-time in his standings in receptions (814), fourth in yards (10,344) and sixth in touchdowns. In his career in the playoffs, his 127 additional receptions rank him second, as do his 15 touchdowns.

He is the most dominant in the league in his position and is heading straight for the Hall of Fame.

To the Temple?

His brother, Eagles center Jason Kelce, will definitely join him. He's that solid and it's not amplified to make it a great Super Bowl sibling story.

He's been selected to the First Team All-Star five times, including this season . In NFL history, only eight centers have been named to the First Team All-Star five times. The other seven before Kelce ended up in the Temple.

After the Eagles won the national conference final in Philadelphia, Jason Kelce kicked things off with a friendly nod.< /p>

“I am officially no longer a Chiefs fan this season! he joked.

The two never back down from a camera. It's promising!

Reid and his ex

The Kelce are not the only ones to ensure that this match takes on a family tinge. What about good old Andy Reid! Before being the successful head coach of the Chiefs, he had a long and productive marriage with the Eagles. 

He will have the mandate to face his ex on this gigantic stage. An ex he brought six times to the title of his division, nine times in the playoffs, five times in the conference finals and once in the Super Bowl, between 1999 and 2012. 

Reid is the he most successful coach in the history of the Eagles and now he will have the mandate to inflict the most cruel defeat on them. Life does things funny sometimes.

The most ironic thing is that Reid finds himself facing a head coach in Nick Sirianni, who came within a hair's breadth of being his assistant. 

When he took the job in 2013 at Kansas City, Reid heard good things about a promising young receivers coach with the Chiefs in Sirianni. He was almost tempted, but finally preferred a long-time assistant. It's a small world!

Beware of tissues…

So here are some heartwarming stories that will keep you talking all week. 

As the climax of the season approaches, no one wants to play the birds of doom, but this spectacle should not be sabotaged by a famous refereeing controversy. It hasn't been great this year in the playoffs.

Why bring up this point? Because the chief official for the game will be Carl Cheffers and he has a knack for taking up a lot of space.

According to, Cheffers and his team awarded an average of 12, 6 penalties per game this season, a league high. That translated to 109.9 yards lost per game, another high. Cheffers and his crew have notably given out 21 penalties for interference this season, which earned them the second place.

It would be sad if such a beautiful game in prospect turned into a festival of the yellow handkerchief. You should know that in the playoffs, including the Super Bowl, the groups usually formed during the season are dismantled and Cheffers will lead another team of officials. 

Good Super Bowl and follow Le Journal in Arizona all week!