Super Bowl: A Historic Moment Ahead

Super Bowl: A Historic Moment Coming Soon


Super Bowl LVII will be the first to pit two black quarterbacks against each other, a situation that Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes called momentous and special. 

“It's historic,” said Hurts, who commands the Philadelphia Eagles offensive unit, from the outset, according to remarks reported Thursday by the daily “USA Today”. I think there's only been eight African American quarterbacks [starters] in a Super Bowl. Being the first to achieve something is pretty cool. It’s historic.”

Hurts will actually become the eighth himself to start a Vince Lombardi Trophy game at his position. Only three have lifted him: they are Doug Williams, Russell Wilson and Mahomes.

The latter will certainly be focused on repeating his exploits on the field, but several days before the game, the Kansas City Chiefs center took the time to talk about what he considers a special moment for Blacks. p>

“Being on a world stage and having two black quarterbacks in the Super Bowl, I think is special. I've learned more about the history of black quarterbacks since I've been in this league and the guys who came before me and Jalen. They prepared the ground. I am happy that we can now prepare the ground for the young people who are coming.”

Bumped shoulder

Making history is good, but only one team will win on the field. In that regard, Hurts was quickly asked about the condition of his shoulder, which forced him to miss a few games during the regular season.

“It's coming. I have been clear all this time. It's a reality that I have to deal with.”

Hurts will have time to take care of his shoulder even more, since the American football grand final is scheduled for Sunday, February 12 at 6:30 p.m., in Glendale.