Super Bowl LVII: local artists predict Eagles win

Super Bowl LVII: Artists here predict Eagles win


Their heart is very much with the Kansas City Chiefs, but many are predicting a Philadelphia Eagles victory in the Super Bowl tomorrow night. This is what emerges from the interviews that Le Journal conducted with some local artists who are passionate about football and the NFL. Most of them have planned to watch the game and Rihanna's halftime show with friends over a big, not very healthy feast!


  • His plans for the Super Bowl: A great football fan, host Patrick Marsolais made a big mistake for tomorrow… “Two months ago, we booked a weekend in Petite-Rivière-Saint-François. And me, the thick one, I didn't realize it was the Super Bowl! There, my girlfriend is angry because we will have to come back from there on Sunday a lot earlier than expected! We're going to go see the Super Bowl at my boyfriend J.-F. Noël's, with my college friends. » 
  • His food menu: « You can't get more classic high cholesterol than this: chicken wings, burgers, hot dogs on the barbecue in the snow. » 
  • His prediction for the match:“My heart is with the Chiefs, but I expect a fairly loose game that the Eagles are going to win quite easily. There are too many cripples at the Chiefs.  
  • Halftime Expectations: more interesting. I like their funky and spectacular side. Rihanna, you just have to watch all her hits, I think it's going to be amazing. » 



  • His plans for the Super Bowl:“We don't have a party because my boy has a soccer tournament that day and we don't know what time he's going to finish. We might watch the Super Bowl at home just our little family. » 
  • His food menu: « Last year, we had chicken wings, general tao cauliflower and luxury nachos .  
  • His prediction for the game: “I just want to have a good game, I want suspense. I know it will hurt Isabelle Racicot, but I can't wish the Chiefs victory!  
  • Halftime Expectations: “Right now I'm looking at predictions for Rihanna's first song. For now, bettors on the books are saying Don't Stop the Music will play first. […] I am happy to see her. It's an event that I follow a lot. »  


  • Her plans for the Super Bowl: A big fan of the Chiefs, l animator will receive friends on Sunday. “They understand that at home, we watch the match! If they want to talk, it's before or after the game. [laughs] » 
  • His food menu: “We often bring in Caribbean food, like jerk chicken and rice mixed with salads and chicken wings. Otherwise, I always order cupcakes with the logos of both teams! » 
  • His prediction for the match: « I expect a high score. I hope it will be tight. For sure my heart is with the Chiefs, although I know on paper the Eagles have a better chance. Everyone at the Chiefs needs to be healthy. » 
  • Half-time expectations:“I love Rihanna! I can't wait to see what she's going to do, what the surprises will be. »  


  • His plans for the Super Bowl: “I don't have a plan, except that in my house, there are going to be two televisions on: one at the Super Bowl and one at < em>The Voice! [laughs] » 
  • His food menu:“Normally, it’s really “disgusting”, what we eat! Everything is brown and greasy. There's like a salad to make you feel guilty. [laughs]” 
  • His prediction for the game: “It all comes down to [Chiefs quarterback] [Patrick] Mahomes' ankle. But I think Philadelphia is going to win, because they're really strong. » 
  • Half-time expectations:“The production is always beautiful. For someone who likes strains like me, it's impressive to see what they manage to do. In addition, it will be the return of Rihanna, whom we have not seen for five years. »  


  • His plans for the Super Bowl: “We're going to see some friends, the Rouleaus. They have been inviting us for a few years. We will be four couples there with the children. » 
  • His food menu:“Nothing healthy! [laughs] The goal is pizza, chicken wings, that kind of thing. It's part of the decorum. » 
  • His prediction for the game: « I think the Eagles are going to win. They play somewhat flat but effective football. There are still several injuries on the side of the Chiefs. But I expect a tight game. » 
  • His expectations for halftime: “It goes 10 feet over my head! Usually at this time there is an exchange of chairs in the living room with our blondes. [laughs] » 


Martin Juneau and his wife, Valérie Roberts

  • His passion for football: “The interest is quite great, I would tell you. A little too big for my girlfriend's taste! I have several favorite teams. The first one I got hooked on was the Los Angeles Chargers, a very young and motivated team. Otherwise, I like Cowboys, Vikings, anything with energizing attacks. […] Recently, we went to Florida to see the Dolphins. We really had a trip! With a gang of buddies, I also went to see the Giants in New York.  
  • His Super Bowl plans: “We're going to a friend's house for the first time in a long time. Of course, there was the pandemic. The baby also made us love spending time at home. » 
  • His food menu: “I wouldn't tell you I don't like the classics. If someone makes ribs, I'm going to be really happy. I will probably make wings. I also decided to make a Frito Pie. I came across this when I was looking for inspiration. It's a chili, but served in a bag with Fritos! It's gonna be a little trashy. But that's still it! » 
  • His prediction for the match: “I like the Eagles. We could talk about it for a long time… The main difference is that the Chiefs have a bad quarterback with a sprained ankle. Unfortunately, it may work against them. Otherwise, I would have put the Chiefs, because they are a well-oiled machine. But the Eagles are going to be hard to stop. I expect a game that may be over before the fourth quarter. » 
  • His half-time expectations“I don't really know Rihanna's musical career. Last year's halftime for me is hard to beat. This year, it looks like it's more for my girlfriend than me! We also invite her to the podcast so that she can do a chronicle on this half-time. I might learn a lot then! » 


  • His passion for football: “When I was a teenager, I was a member of the San Diego Chargers fan club, in the days of Dan Fouts! As I got older, I followed that less. But with my high school buddies, we often talk about it in a discussion group.  
  • His Super Bowl plans: “I'm going to watch this with some friends. It's been a ritual for a long time. One of the moments with friends from childhood, adolescence. We watch the game together. It's a social event too. » 
  • His food menu“We always do the classics. It's not haute cuisine. We're not having a cordon bleu party. Everyone brings something, like wings. We make it simple.
  • His prediction for the game: “I'm going to go with Kansas City. The fact that they beat Cincinnati shows they really mean it. Don't underestimate Patrick Mahomes. If his ankle holds, I'll go with them. But it's going to be a tight game. » 
  • His expectations for halftime: “I still like it. It's still impressive, it's a one-shot deal. How they take the stage so fast. I think it's gonna be really good. She has very good songs, I like what she does. I think there will be surprises. » 


Étienne Boulay and Patrick Langlois

  • His passion for football “I'm a big sports fan in general, but I like sports when it means something. As soon as the series arrive, when there is an issue, I like it a little more. I don't have a favorite team. I have a friend who likes to bet and we make small bets every Sunday.  
  • His Super Bowl plans: “We're going to be home. We have a great meal with our children aged 7 and 11, we invite one or two couples of friends. » 
  • His food menu: “We make chicken wings, nachos and blue cheese dip. We are going to drink non-alcoholic beer this year because I accepted to do the 28 days without alcohol challenge.
  • His prediction for the game: “Because my friend takes for Philadelphia, I'm all in Chiefs.” They are slightly the underdogs. I still believe in their chances because they have the experience of a third Super Bowl in four years. I think Patrick Mahomes shouldn't stress him out more than going grocery shopping on Sunday.  
  • His Halftime Expectations: “In the last few years, it seems like these are shows that are made for our generation. Last year, with Dr. Dre and Eminem. Rihanna, it's been so long since she released an album. Is Jay Z going to be there? He was the one who discovered Rihanna. There are so many expectations. »