Super Bowl LVII: the Americans were there

Super Bowl LVII: The Americans were there< /p> UPDATE DAY

Sunday night's Super Bowl LVII was the third-highest-grossing event in American television history. 

So reported by the Fox Sports network on Monday.

The Kansas City Chiefs' 38-35 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles drew an average viewership of 113 million viewers.

This is the second most-watched Super Bowl in history for our neighbors to the south. The prize goes to the clash between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks in 2015. At the time, 114.4 million viewers watched quarterback Tom Brady win the fourth of his seven victories.

The most recent edition of an NFL season finale was also the most-streamed Super Bowl in history.

Furthermore , singer Rihanna's halftime performance averaged 118.7 million viewers, making it the second most-watched Super Bowl halftime show of all time, after the performance of Katy Perry in 2015.