“Superblondinka” Polyakova told about the “intima” with the Minister of culture: “he would Have problems with his wife.”

"Суперблондинка" Полякова рассказала об "интиме" с Министром культуры: "У него будут проблемы с женой"

today, 12:42

Famous Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova said that once her attention was diligently made by one of the Ministers of the President-the fugitive Victor Yanukovych.

This became known thanks to the statement “superblondinka” in an interview to one of Ukrainian journalists.

The journalist noted that three very famous Ukrainian singer told him that senior politicians and oligarchs at the time, sexually molested them. This Polyakov said that she, too, has a similar story.

"Суперблондинка" Полякова рассказала об "интиме" с Министром культуры: "У него будут проблемы с женой"

Olya Polyakova, photo: Politeka.net

“Was this … God, he’s be in trouble with the wife … the Minister of culture was Yanukovych. Let’s not going to give the name. He brought me to sing to Yanukovych in the hope that there will be sex. When I refused him, he refused to drive me home. I suits, with shoes after the concert walked from the garden in the Crimea “, – says Polyakov.

“I already had an iPhone, I pin defined track of where I called a taxi, it arrived and I was blown away. Such a beast, ” – shared the singer.

To a journalist’s question, in what form was the harassment from the Minister, Polyakova said, “Like, yeah-yeah? To which I replied: “what? Why? What is this? “Cool phrase he said,” You come and go and I’ll stay forever.”

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