Superman : Henry Cavill soon to be replaced by Michael B. Jordan ?

Superman : Henry Cavill bientôt remplacé par Michael B. Jordan ?

Superman : Henry Cavill soon to be replaced by Michael B. Jordan ?

We still do not know what will be the future of Superman at the cinema, but the rumors are having fun already imagining replacements to Henry Cavill. And among them, Michael B. Jordan, who has just been entrusted on the subject.

Michael B. Jordan as Superman ?

Henry Cavill was recently announced, he does not abandon his role of Superman. Yet, one can regularly discover it, this did not stop the rumors see the light of day and to imagine new actors in the skin of the famous character of DC. And among the actors involved, we find Michael B. Jordan seen in Black Panther… Marvel.

What is the surprise ? Not really. On the mic with MTV, he revealed to now be accustomed to this kind of situation : “I have already been quoted to play Morpheus, and then Superman, or even in the reboot of The Band at Scrooge, Power Rangers, and everything that one can imagine. So I’m rather used to hear rumours about my possible new roles“. What all the same make him happy ? Totally. He then reminded, “I am a fan of comics“.

The actor thinks of the fans

In this regard, Michael B. Jordan has promised, in the case where he would be chosen to embody this super-hero in the film, he would fight to give him the honour : “Everything I do must be done in the best way, to be totally authentic. I understand when comic book fans are angry mode ‘Oh no, why they are doing this, why they change it ?’ I, too, can think the same for certain things. So if I was ever going to be cast in anything, it should be authentic and something that would allow the people to be behind such a project“.

Does it come from and close the door to Clark Kent and open that of Calvin Ellis ? It is possible. To recall, in DC comics, Calvin Ellis is another version of Superman that belongs to another dimension. In it, the hero is black and has no connection with journalism as it is… president of the USA. It is what it is.

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