Supermodel Cindy Crawford lit a bare body under the jacket: hot shots

Супермодель Синди Кроуфорд засветила голое тело под пиджаком: горячие кадры

Cindy Crawford

Famous supermodel Cindy Crawford, who founded his brand of anti-aging cosmetics Meaningful Beauty, never misses a chance to demonstrate how it works.

This is reported by the media.

In particular, the 53-year-old model periodically puts the social network selfie without makeup where is good enough treated skin without a hint of wrinkles.

Most recently, she posted another photo in a white jacket with light make-up in brown tones.

Супермодель Синди Кроуфорд засветила голое тело под пиджаком: горячие кадры

Cindy Crawford

In addition, she holds in her hands are pale lilac iris, which emphasizes the youthful appearance of the model and its freshness. However, users note that the frames are made in the framework of the advertising campaign of the brand that they have signed “Spring flowers for Meaningful Beauty”.

In turn, the fans showered supermodel numerous enthusiastic reviews.

“Eternal beauty”, “Dream”, “This image – just love. Spring is in the air”, “you Look amazing, as always, Beautiful! Style icon forever”, “Great woman!” “You’re my icon of beauty”, “Best forever,” “I Love meaningful beauty. Use them for about 10 years. Amazing products, Wonderful baby flowers and the perfect woman”, “You look like a girl”, “I assume you heard that you were beautiful. But after this picture … you are truly beautiful.”, “You are very, very, very beautiful”, “Cindy, you’re one of a kind”.

Recall, Dasha Astafieva shared new racy photos from the photo shoot. In particular, the famous Ukrainian singer and model Dasha Astafieva Eva struck fans of the candid frame where he was posing with a new haircut – Afro-curls.

As reported “Znayu”, a popular Ukrainian TV presenter and restaurateur Nikolay Tishchenko staged an incredible celebration for his beloved wife Alla Baranovskaya.

Also “Znayu” he wrote that world-famous model Emily Ratkowski after a family dinner 27-year-old star ntarama decided to give mom and dad a surprise by showing them a Billboard with an ad campaign of sports drinks with its participation in West Hollywood.

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