Supermodel Vodianova took up the axe in a convent: “This is the head of your enemy!”.

Супермодель Водянова взялась за топор в женском монастыре: "Это голова твоего врага!".

today, 23:22

Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova has demonstrated not only a striking appearance, but also heroic virtue during a visit to the Epiphany Alan women’s monastery.

A relevant video she posted on his page in Instagram.

In the video you can see how the fragile beauty chopping wood in the background of a winter landscape. To split a log supermodels managed from a single blow.

According to the mother of five children Vodianova, chopping wood in her childhood taught the grandfather, but was not in Paris where to practice.

Behind the scenes the voice of the son of supermodel – Lucas Alexander gave the mother advice:

“This is the head of your enemy!”.

In the comments of many users on the network was not interested in the model itself and its children. They asked about the language spoken by her children:

Супермодель Водянова взялась за топор в женском монастыре: "Это голова твоего врага!".

Vodianova children

“I just don’t understand why the son is constantly talking in English… He doesn’t speak Russian?” — asks prinzessin_ksenia. The answer to the same question and are interested in mpogodina: “Natalia, and your children don’t speak Russian?”.

To answer this important question: Lucas speak both English and Russian, and also French.

We recall, who was a famous beauty at new year parties: dress from an old coat and a suit of Baba Yaga.

As previously reported, “Znayu”, Vodianova remained without legs: fans of the supermodel are sounding the alarm.

Also “Znayu” I wrote that the kids career is not a hindrance: celebrities who become mothers very early.

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