Supported by Jemanîmes, the European Crafts Days continue this Sunday

Supported by Jemanîmes, the European Crafts Days continue this Sunday

Une exposition collective à L'Appart à part.

La manifestation rassemble une quarantaine d'artistes et d'artisans d'art avec un parcours à travers Nîmes et une exposition collective. 

Supported by the Jemanîmes association, the European Art Crafts Days continue until this Sunday. April 7 in the evening with a program focused on meeting and sharing know-how. Around forty artists and craftsmen present their creations to be discovered along a journey through the city (online map on the @Jema Nîmes Facebook page), where workshops and demonstrations take place.

Exhibition "On your fingertips"

At the same time, the participants gathered at L’Appart à part (53 bis rue Notre-Dame) for a collective exhibition around the theme of the year "Sur le bout fingers". Artists and artisans each reinterpret it in their own way, more or less directly. Sewing machine transformed into a car by Jean Frontera, ex-votos by Frédérique Petit, baroque pearls by Catherine Scotto, cyanotypes by Stéphanie Lugassy, ​​grimacing faces by the painter Catherine Maury, ultra-realistic canvases by France Mondelo or structural sculptures by Serge Gonzalez interact with photos, mosaics, sculptures…

In the city center, the Le Napoléon bar is also hosting an exhibition bringing together around fifteen artists, notably the photographers Doriane François and Dominique Marck and the painters Aleth Jourdan and Pauline Poissy.

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