Surtax on solar energy products: Ottawa gets impatient with Washington

Surtax on solar energy products: Ottawa gets impatient with Washington

International Trade Minister Mary Ng urges the United States to act on Canada’s request for consultations to end US tariffs on Canadian solar energy products.

“Canada will always stand up for its workers and oppose unwarranted trade measures. If Canada and the United States are unable to resolve their dispute through consultations, Canada may request the establishment of dispute settlement panels to rule on these issues, ”she said by release Thursday.

The request for consultations, which was made on December 22 through mechanisms under the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA), concerns 30% tariffs on imports of solar energy products from Canada .

This surtax was imposed by Washington in early 2018 and has been challenged repeatedly, to no avail, under the North American Free Trade Agreement – the deal that prevailed before CUSMA.

“These tariffs are unjustified and clearly violate the provisions and spirit of CUSMA,” Minister Ng added Thursday.

According to his department, Canadian exports of solar energy products to the United States have fallen 82% since 2018 due to the surtax.

“As we strive to rebuild our economies and meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada and the United States must work together on strong cross-border climate action to attract investment in the North American economy, reduce pollution, strengthen supply chains and create jobs for people on both sides of the border in an increasingly competitive global low-carbon economy, ”said Ms. Ng. .

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