Suspect number one: a quebecois film topping the box-office

Suspect numéro un: un film québécois en tête du box-office

Taking advantage of the absence of the new hollywood on our screens, several quebec films, including the thriller Suspect number one make a good figure at the box office since the re-opening of the theatres in the province.

Suspect number one, director Daniel Roby (Louis Cyr), a throne at the top of the box office in quebec (and canada) since its release in cinemas, on July 10. The film that brings to the screen, Antoine Olivier Pilon and Josh Hartnett has raised about $ 320,000 for the first ten days to the shows, collecting more than 40 % of the market share.

“It was a bit of a dive in the void to launch a film in the current context, but we are very satisfied with the results “, stresses the president of Films Séville Patrick Roy, who distributes the film.


“There has been a lot of rain during the first weekend of the release of the film and it has achieved some impressive results at the box-office, he adds. This is very encouraging. This proves that when there is something new to the shows, people are ready to go to the cinema. “

Suspect number one is not the only quebecois film to be successful since the re-opening of the rooms. The drama 14 days 12 nights has raised over $ 61,000 since he took over the displays, the 3 last July. Released initially in early march, the feature film starring Anne Dorval had been removed from screens prematurely because of the pandemic. It is the total to date revenues of over $ 260,000.

The film Mafia Inc who had already known a great success in theaters last winter, has also enjoyed a new release this summer, which has enabled him to add nearly 60 000 $ to its box-office total ($1.3 Million).

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