Suspect number one spell in the United States

Suspect numéro un sort aux États-Unis

Two weeks after its release on the screens of the province, the thriller québécois Suspect number one will be appearing this Friday in the United States under the title Most Wanted.

Pandemic is forcing, it is mostly in video-on-demand that the american public will be able to discover the most recent film of quebec filmmaker Daniel Roby (Louis Cyr). But Suspect number one will also be presented on the big screen in a few large cities where cinemas are open as Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, Philadelphia and Washington.

“It is sure that in the original plan of our american distributor, Suspect number one had also come out in major markets in California and New York, but this will not be possible because their cinemas are still closed. The good news is that the film will be available everywhere in the United States thanks to the video-on-demand, pointed out Daniel Roby to the Journal.

Thanks to its american stars Josh Hartnett and Jim Gaffigan, Suspect number one has enjoyed a nice media coverage in the United States. Hartnett has given a few interviews in cultural programs such as Entertainment Tonight and Gaffigan has made an appearance on the talk show of Conan O’brien last Wednesday. As to the first reviews of the film published this week in the american newspapers, they have proved to be positive overall.

Suspect number one throne at the top of the box-office québécois since its theatrical release, on July 10. The film has collected more than $ 360,000 to the counters in less than two weeks.

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