Suspect number one: the blow of heart of Josh Hartnett

Suspect numéro un: le coup de cœur de Josh Hartnett

The quebec filmmaker Daniel Roby thought of having to leave the big game to convince Josh Hartnett to play the role of the investigative journalist Victor Malarek in his thriller Suspect number one. But to his surprise, the american actor was already captivated by the project.

“From my first meeting with him, he told me that the character of Malarek was exactly the kind of role he was looking for the last few years,” says the director of Louis Cyr and Funkytown. “He was immediately very interested in the film. “

In telephone interview to the Newspaper, Hartnett did not hide that he indeed had a blow of heart for the project when Daniel Roby received the scenario of Suspect number one (so called Gut Instinct), there are already a few years.

“I was immediately intrigued by this story, but also by what Daniel [Roby] wanted to do with his film,” says the american actor known for his roles in the hollywood blockbusters Pearl Harbor and the fall of The falcon noir.

“Daniel has impressed me with his passion for this story and the time and energy he had devoted to this project. It’s been already several years that he was working on it. It was proposed to me to accompany him to Toronto to meet Victor Malarek. Victor is someone who is very charming and it was not long before I knew that I wanted to make this film. There is something strong that drew me in this project. “

Inspired by a true story, Suspect number one follows the journey of Daniel Light (Antoine Olivier Pilon), a young ex-junkie quebecers who finds himself involved despite himself in a major drug deal after being trapped and handled by RCMP officers in search of performance. The case turns sour, and Light is arrested and imprisoned in Thailand. Found this story fishy because Daniel Light has not the profile of a kingpin of the drug, the reporter toronto-Victor Malarek (Hartnett) decides to go to the place in Thailand to investigate the case.

Tribute to journalism

“What I liked in the character of Victor is that he is convinced that what he does is important and he is willing to risk everything to make burst the truth on this matter,” says Josh Hartnett. He has something heroic in him, but he is also facing a dilemma as he realizes that his investigation may put his young family in danger. “

For the actor of 41 years, Suspect number one reminds us of the importance of investigative journalism.

“Stories like this must be told because they show how investigative journalism is essential to democracy,” he stressed, but of other ways also. It proves how important it is that newspapers and television networks continue to invest in this type of journalism. “

Suspect number one was shot two years ago in Vancouver, Thailand and Montreal. Hartnett knew the quebec metropolis, but had never had the chance to visit it during the summer.

“I had already filmed in Montreal on two occasions in the past, but it was always during the winter, he says, laughing. I’m from Minnesota, so I thought I knew cold. But I had not yet experienced the winter in quebec ! “

The film Suspect number one was released last week.

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