Suspected cancer, agricultural medal for Carole Delga, threats to votive festivals: the main news in the region

Suspected cancer, agricultural medal for Carole Delga, threats to votive festivals: the main news in the region

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Suspected cancer

#GARD. The alert launched by Générations futures regarding PFAS pollution around the Salindres industrial site caused a shock effect for Marc Lemaire, 48, suffering from brain cancer. The revelation of the presence of “eternal pollutants” in water and, on the same day, the disclosure of the results of the Public Health France investigation into glioblastoma made him ask many questions." I have been working in Saint-Privat, a few kilometers from the factory, for thirteen years. And I live in Générargues. I’have no luck" Combatative, he wants to get answers and would like to get closer to other people who are in the same situation as him.

Today’s figure:600

#MONTPELLIER. This is the number of new electric charging stations that will be installed in the Montpellier Metropolis from here 2025. "The 31 municipalities will be equipped to allow those who do not have a charging system at home to power their vehicle",< /em> explains Julie Frêche, elected to mobility.

The 600 terminals will be divided into “e-city” for slow and free charging for holders of the free transport pass and e-fast terminals (fast charging).

Groupuscule “AZF” : five and three years in prison

#PARIS/TOULOUSE.  In the trial of the “AZF” group, Michel D., 76 years old, was sentenced this Friday to five years in prison, including one year suspended, while his accomplice, Perrine R., 61, received three years of detention, including two years suspended, announces La Dépêche du Midi. The remaining firm sentences will be carried out under the electronic bracelet regime. SNCF obtained 5.8 million euros in damages.

"I'm sorry for causing all this torment. I regret it, deeply. Not towards me but towards others."Michel D. had expressed regret to the Paris Criminal Court for having carried out this attempted blackmail against the French State at the end of 2003 and the beginning of 2004. The small group “AZF” that he had created then threatened to plant bombs on the Paris-Toulouse SNCF line. Denounced fourteen years after the events, Michel and Perrine "assumed their madness" before the judges and since 2004, have continued their lives without incident and without any act of delinquency.

Votive festivals threatened by Olympic security ?

#GARD.Organizers of votive, traditional festivals and cultural events that punctuate the summer and attract crowds will be in difficulty this summer in terms of security. Indeed, the Paris Olympic Games (July 26-August 11) and the Paralympic Games (August 28-September 8) will attract a maximum of police officers, gendarmes, private security companies, rescuers and firefighters. Small votive festivals in rural areas are threatened with cancellation, especially during the Olympics.

The police forces remaining in Hérault and Gard could be more focused on the coast, where there are the greatest influxes. A rule that would concern tourist departments.

Agriculture: Carole Delga medalist

#OCCITANIE. Carole Delga yesterday received the medal from the Salon International de l’Agriculture alongside 18 other recipients including the & rsquo;TV host Karine Le Marchand. This medal aims to “reward women and men who have given their time, their energy, their initiatives or ideas to the show in particular, and to agriculture in general ." The President of the Region has notably tripled the regional agricultural budget since 2016 and created an exceptional bonus of up to 2,000 euros; to help farmers settle in.

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