Suspicions of mistreatment of two dogs in the Gard: faced with the situation of Pepa and Kailye, the One Voice association raises its voice

Suspicions of mistreatment of two dogs in the Gard: faced with the situation of Pepa and Kailye, the One Voice association raises its voice

Pepa et Kailye sont au cœur du nouveau combat gardois de l'association. PIXABAY illustration – Midi Libre

On May 29, these two dogs were taken from their Gard owner and entrusted to the Nîmes SPA. Wednesday July 10, the animal protection association has just filed a complaint, although the courts have, according to it, ordered their restitution.

On May 28, 2024, a video filmed by a local resident attested to physical violence (beatings) inflicted by a man on a dog near Nîmes in the Gard. The next day, Pepa and Kailye, who lived under the same roof were then removed from their owner then placed as a precautionary measure at the SPA of Nîmes. An investigation opened under the direction of the Nîmes public prosecutor's office was at the same time entrusted to the Calvisson gendarmerie (Vauvert company).

The owner of the dogs and the perpetrator of the beatings as a couple under the same roof

In a press release made public this Wednesday, July 10, the One Voice association indicates that it has filed a complaint, and the return of the two dogs to their owner having been, according to the  #39;association, ordered that same day by the courts even though the investigations are still in progress.

"The two animals actually belong to the partner of the accused. A respondent who resides under the same roof as her and who rejects the qualification of "mistreatment" for the acts attributed to him. Facts that this man describes as "correction" inflicted on one of the two dogs following damage,particularly regrets the association.

"It does not matter to the authorities that the two canine victims return to the same house as their executioner", finally denounces One Voice, still in this press release where she urges justice to pronounce sine die the definitive confiscation of the animals.

Dogs entrusted to care

In a press release made public this Wednesday evening, the public prosecutor of Nîmes, Cécile Gensac, in turn indicates: "qu& ;rsquo;It emerged from the investigations that the victim dogs did not present any physical after-effects. The expert also did not find any proven mistreatment.

" The facts fall under the classification of 4th class contravention. They will be the subject of a trial before the police court next September. […] The accused with no criminal record admitted to inappropriate behavior", continues the prosecutor who indicates, finally, that the two animals did not have not returned to their homes while awaiting the judgment to be handed down. But were "guarded in a suitable place outside their home with people they know".< /p>

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