Suspicious death of a woman in Drummondville: she dies after having required the help of the police

Mort suspecte d’une femme à Drummondville: elle meurt après avoir requis l’aide de la police

DRUMMONDVILLE | A mother who was asked Sunday to the police force his son to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, was found inanimate the next day in his residence in the Centre-du-Québec.

Mort suspecte d’une femme à Drummondville: elle meurt après avoir requis l’aide de la police

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Suzanne Desjardins

It is, therefore, the Office of the independent surveys (EIB), which will shed light on the suspicious death of Suzanne Desjardins, who was found severely injured Monday morning at his home in the rue Pinard, in Drummondville.

The death of the lady of 57 years old was later found at the hospital Sainte-Croix.

According to the EIB, Ms. Desjardins was living with her adult son for the past few weeks.

The police have found Suzanne Desjardins inanimate, at his home.

 Psychiatric evaluation

And the mother of the family feared the behavior of the latter, so that it was addressed to the police officers of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) on Sunday to force him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

“The police cannot assist the lady in his application in the immediate future, it would then be left to his work “, one can read in a press release of the EIB.

However, the next day, it was a friend who alerted the SQ because she was without news of Ms. Desjardins. The police then visited the victim’s home around 9: 30 a.m., where they made the grisly discovery.

A man in his thirties, who was on the scene of the drama, has been met by the investigators.

 The fire in the fireplace

Sunday evening around 18 h, a couple of the neighborhood had gone to the home of Ms. Desjardins, finding it suspicious to see a cloud of black smoke escaping from the chimney of the house during a warm evening of July.

The neighbor, Linda Sergerie, has knocked at the door of the residence of his new neighbours of the rue Pinard.

“A bearded man, dressed in military, half-opened the door. It looked weird, ” reported his spouse, Jean Goulet.

The individual of about 30 years, seemed to want to close quickly the discussion and spoke in English, repeating the phrase,” have a nice day [have a nice day] “.

Subsequently, the fire in the fireplace has stopped, and the couple has finally decided not to call the police or the fire brigade.

“My wife is traumatized from it. She said that she would have had to follow his first idea. It could have prevented a murder, ” said Mr. Goulet.

For the moment, no charges have been filed in what has all the appearances of a family drama.

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