Suspicious object discovered in Magog: dangerous or not?

The suspect object discovered behind a building on Main Street West in Magog, Wednesday night, was it dangerous or harmless? The Régie de police Memphrémagog is not in a position to decide for the moment.
P Porte-parole of the Memphremagog Police Authority, Lieutenant Sylvain Guay argued that his police force does not control the agenda of the Sûreté du Québec, which must determine whether the object unearthed at the rear of 72 street Main West was dangerous or not.

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“The SQ fireworks have the components of the machine in hand and treat the files in order of priority. They will inform us when they have results, “he says.

Recall that the object found could look like an explosive device. It consisted of a can of soft drink, which contained one or more hitherto unknown substances, and batteries.

Whatever the results of the analyzes performed by the SQ, the event in Magog has been much talked about. Rare indeed that one sees the pyrotechnicians of the provincial police force to land in this city.


For the moment, no arrest in connection with this file is planned by the Régie de police Memphrémagog. But the police force is looking for additional witnesses.

“Even if we always treat files very seriously, we do not yet know the exact nature of the object so we do not stop people in a similar context, says Sylvain Guay. In addition, at this moment, we have only one witness and it is the person who discovered the craft. ”

Mr. Guay added, however, that as part of the ongoing investigation, efforts will be made to find DNA traces and fingerprints. This could put the investigators on a track.

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