Suzuki named captain: 'I'm absolutely not disappointed' – Brendan Gallagher

– Brendan Gallagher ” />


LAVAL | Brendan Gallagher has always had a reputation as a good team player. At 30 and on the eve of his 11th season in Montreal, Gallagher could have babbled with the choice of Nick Suzuki as captain. But he was very far from this reaction.

Martin St-Louis, Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton did not opt ​​for a transition captain with a Gallagher or a Joel Edmundson while waiting to offer even more experience to Suzuki . They immediately handed over the destiny of this team to Suzuki to replace Shea Weber. 

“I'm absolutely not disappointed,” replied Gallagher. I consider myself lucky to have had this role with the team for a long time as an assistant. Disappointment was not a feeling I felt upon hearing the news. I'm happy for my friend, Suz. He deserves this chance. I'll be there to help.”

“Suzie is very mature for a young player, chained the number 11. And the most important thing is that he has the respect of all his teammates inside the locker room. He is the heartbeat of our team. We couldn't be happier for him. I'm happy to share this moment with him.”

No comparison

If he could turn to the A mountain man in the past in Weber, Gallagher will now look to Suzuki to talk about leadership within the group. The right winger, however, refused to make any comparisons between Weber and Suzuki. 

“We don't have to compare him with the other captains. Webs wore the “C” for a long time in the NHL. Nick will forge his own path and he will remain himself. I have confidence that he will be a strong captain for this team for a long time to come.”

Nick's team

Surrounded by almost 20 reporters for his first appearance at a team golf tournament, Kent Hughes described Gallagher's reaction to the announcement of the team's choice for the next captain. 

“His response was, 'It's Nick's team now. It won't change anything for me, I'll stay a leader, ”said the general manager of the Canadian. 

A calm player< /p>

Like Gallagher, Edmundson had a smile on his face as he talked about his new captain. We'll say he didn't have much of a choice with the amount of cameras in front of him, but there was nothing contrived about his choice of words. 

“Nick is calm for his age and it's nice to spend time with him, underlined the great defender. I was not there in his first season, but since my debut in Montreal, he has played a leading role even if he is still a youngster. It's impressive.”

“There were several moments last year when the team was looking for leadership, he continued. There were several injured at the same time. In my eyes, the management of the team made the right choice with Nick. Marty called me last Saturday to let me know that the team was to identify Nick as the captain at the golf tournament. I told him it was perfect for me.”