Svetlana Loboda became a widow: thill threw

Светлана Лобода превратилась во вдову: Тилль бросил

Svetlana Loboda

Scandalous Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, who now lives and works in Russia, likes to attract attention and to shock the audience that is actively doing on their pages in social networks particularly in Instagram. Loboda often puts a seductive and sometimes frankly weird pictures and often runs into criticism from fans.

So, this time she posted a strange photo in even more strange manner. In the photos, which appeared in the account Loboda, she appeared on the overview of the public’s “image of the widow.” The singer is depicted in a huge black hat with a long black feather as a decoration. Also the photo shows that in addition to hats on the artist black clothes. Svetlana is depicted in two poses with different facial expression. In the first photo it kind of squinted, her face bright makeup, she keeps one hand on the face. In the second picture Loboda sealed at the time of dressing tiny sunglasses on the eyes. In the picture also shows the massive ring on hand star.

Svetlana Loboda not signed your photos, leaving only a small smiley face in the form of a broken heart. This smiley has raised many questions from fans of the stars. This star did not remain without attention of fans Loboda. Followers began to actively discuss the photo Loboda, her image and that is the most broken heart.

“What a beautiful, really looking forward to a new song and video”, The “what”, “Sveta, you’re perfect”, “why do you Light the red thread on his hand? Really superstitious?”, “You are gorgeous! You’re perfect! And you’re damn good in hats! Yes the hell you all go”, “nice, very nice, above and beyond”, “Why your heart is broken?”, “Why a broken heart? Till quit?”, “As the nose did, a real beauty!”, – write in the comments to the photo.

Recall, Loboda seduced fans with a short dress.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported, Loboda showed the press, but the fans didn’t see it.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that “ruthless” Loboda showed that doing behind the scenes.


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