Svetlana Loboda kissed a stranger

Светлана Лобода поцеловалась с незнакомым мужчиной

Singer again intrigued fans.Scandalous Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda shared network provocative photo, which caused a flurry of discussion among her fans.

A corresponding picture appeared on Instagram of the singer, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

Svetlana continues to intrigue fans of candid shots from the new video for the song Instadrama, which will premiere on 13 February. This time Loboda showed a kiss with an unknown man.

Fans immediately began to guess the identity of the young man. It should be noted that there were very unexpected ways, for example Philip. Also there were those who believed that the picture shows the father of the second daughter Loboda.

Светлана Лобода поцеловалась с незнакомым мужчиной

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