“Svezhak 1970”: Loboda funny fans video fancy dance

"Свежак 1970 года": Лобода рассмешила фанатов видео необычных танцев

yesterday, 18:54

Scandalous Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, who now lives and works in Russia, is very actively engaged in your account in Instagram. Recently, the celebrity has put up a funny video, put it on your new hit single “the World is not enough”. So, the artist asked the fans to try to “dance cool”, and in return, get to meet lucky in person. It should be noted that all the fresh album “Sold Out” Svetlana will present already 6 December.

“Declare #chellenge !!!!!!!😹🙀 dance is cooler ?!!! Get acquainted🙈😉” – funny signed Loboda. Followers will not have passed, but their opinions were divided: “What a great and smooth movements) is a talent. 🌸👍”, “Kick-ass, and what is cool? Is that a dance? Breaking some kind of a seizure((((“, “Videos called “Svezhak 1970,””, “Like a lot of bones just no😂”, “It’s me, when no one is home 😂😂🔥🔥💃”, “but it’s actually a little sad is from the song”.

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"Свежак 1970 года": Лобода рассмешила фанатов видео необычных танцев

"Свежак 1970 года": Лобода рассмешила фанатов видео необычных танцев

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