Sweden: the opposition wants a commission of inquiry on the management of the COVID-19

Suède: l’opposition veut une commission d’enquête sur la gestion de la COVID-19

The two largest opposition parties in sweden have called on Friday to put in place before the summer of an independent commission to investigate the response, very little hard, made by Sweden to the COVID-19.

If it is on a number of occasions in favour of the establishment of such a commission, the prime minister, Stefan Lofven, a social democrat, wants to about him that it is operational only once the pandemic is finished.

“A lot of the parties are in agreement with us on the fact that it (the commission) should be formed as quickly as possible and that it is not necessary to wait until the crisis is over “, has launched to the press Ulf Kristersson, the leader of the party of the Moderate (conservative), the origin of this appeal with the Sweden Democrats (populist).

The device more flexible than in other european States, deployed in the face of the spread of the new coronavirus has given rise to a broad political consensus in Sweden, but most of the political parties deem it necessary to proceed to a review of the management of this exceptional situation by the government.

Friday, the balance sheet of the COVID-19 was in this country of 10.3 million inhabitants, 4350 dead (for 36 476 confirmed cases in total) and more than three-quarters of the people who lost the lives were of people living in a care facility or cared for at their home.

The commission of inquiry could focus on this aspect of things, and on the economic answer given to the crisis of the novel coronavirus, or on the slowness with which, due to bureaucratic obstacles, the number of tests increases (30 000 per week at the end of may, while capacity in this area has been increased to 100 000).

Moreover, after follow-up for months of distance learning courses, high school and university students will be able to find classrooms and lecture theatres on June 15, were announced by officials.

The elementary schools have, by contrast, continued to operate after the arrival of the pandemic in Sweden.

But many teachers taking a vacation this summer, many high school students and students following a university course should not return to their establishment before the fall.

With 430 deaths per million people, Sweden has a mortality rate associated with novel coronavirus is much more higher than found in the nordic neighbors, Norway (43 per million), Denmark (98), Finland (56) and Iceland (29), which took measurements of semi-confinement.

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