Sweet and Salty: Simon Boulerice to the conquest of a new public

Sucré Salé: Simon Boulerice à la conquête d’un nouveau public

MONTREAL – much of the spotlight of the media, theatrical and literary, Simon Boulerice takes up with his aspirations of a little boy once inspired by the cultural magazine Flash, by becoming a reporter at Sweet and Savory this summer. And he was delighted to be able to show off new facets of his personality.

Elitist, Simon Boulerice? Not! We don’t even need to ask the question the prolific author, who has already published some fifty books in his young career (novels, theatre, poetry, essays, comics, news, youth, texts for television), launches into a praise sincere of the culture mainstream. Yes, he appreciates the works “pointy”, he says, but he absolutely do not disown its roots popular.

“I’m a boy, infinitely curious, I’m interested in various things and I love to kiss off. I am from Saint-Remi, a small town in the Montérégie region, and I grew up in the video club of my parents. I have many known fiction by television and film. In Saint-Rémi, there was not a lot of movie directory. I know that I am no longer associated with Télé-Québec for a few years, but I am happy to come to VAT, because I want to speak to the greatest number of people possible. When the audition for Sweet and Savory came up, I went there with great pleasure,” says Simon, still voluble.


It is indeed the feather of Boulerice that must be the “coming out” of Madame Cuckoo in Passe-Partout. The artist is 38-year-old is one of the collaborators of Marc Labrèche at the show This year, assured of a return in the fall, and once reviewed to Formula Diaz.

The filming of Six degrees, the first youth series signed to his label and is structured around the reality of a teenager who is visually impaired (played by Noah Parker), has been discontinued due to the pandemic, but the fiction should possibly lead on the platforms by Radio-Canada. Meanwhile, the creator is already looking to lay a second season.

At Sweet and Savory, Simon Boulerice put on its spontaneity and curiosity natural to install a complicity with the personalities that he meets.

“I am someone who is very academic, which prepares a lot, and when the camera turns on, I have a momentum that is very sincere. I’m always up for anything! I laugh easy, I’m basically in a good mood and very curious. I want to get to know the other by stuff a bit amazing. I do the same thing when I create my characters. I want to create a link with the artists in finding what makes them unique.”

“Strike of hugs”

Another project close to the heart of Simon Boulerice: the publication, in the form of a book, its text to The strike of hugs. Heard for the first time in the tv-special A chance that it was, on may 10, when read from the mouth of personalities such as Bianca Gervais and Gregory Charles, the tale tells the story of grandparents and young children are painfully separated because of a dangerous virus.

Layout images by comedian and illustrator Francis William Rhéaume, the story will be published in the Editions of the Car in August, low in price, and a percentage of proceeds of sales will be donated to the research against the COVID-19.

“Many grandparents have written to me on social networks to know when my text was going to come out, because they wanted to read it to their grandchildren. I feel that this book can really do useful work now. I think that many families are lack of contacts, and Zoom, it does not replace everything in life! What I got as a return, it is that this story has made a lot of good,” stresses Simon Boulerice, whose next novel, a story of three childhood memories told in the form of fiction, entitled” Crying at the bottom of the mascots, expected to be released in the fall.

  • Sweet and Savory, Monday to Friday, 18h30 and 22h35 in VAT.
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