Sweet and salty wins his bet hands down

Sucré salé remporte son pari haut la main

New headquarters, new rules of social distancing… Sweet and salty has risked big to return to the antenna this season. In the light of the first episodes, one observation is clear : the team has won his bet.

Certainly, the mandate of Sweet and salty is always the same. But his formula, it had to be adjusted in the period of the pandemic. Changes and also major changes in so little time, would have been able to disturb the 19th season of the cultural magazine of VAT, or at the very least, distort it.

One of the biggest challenges ? Conduct interviews, maintaining a distance of two meters between the host and his guest. Circumstances which, let’s face it, is less suitable to confidences.

But in the end, nothing is reflected.

The energy so characteristic – and high – Patrice Bélanger is for many, the facilitator will be easily able to bridge the physical distance. And its guests, force is to see him make it particularly well so far.

Ginette Reno

It must be said that the new season has been started in circumstances that are particularly kind on Monday last with Ginette Reno, comfortably installed in the back yard of his home. The great singer, always delightfully unpredictable, in the interview, moreover, has not failed to be at the height of his reputation, destabilizing its host, while being very touching, addressing, among other things, his love life.

On the side of the chroniclers, for the most part with less experience, we feel some discomforts passengers. They will likely need a period of adjustment for a little longer, the story of taming this new reality.

Another major change ? The new headquarters of the program, installed on the 21st floor of the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth. The multimedia space that hosts this season the team of Sweet and salty is full of promises, as much for its versatility as its look.

Some of the filming locations, however, lend themselves much less well to the creation of a natural ambience and user-friendly. This is the case of the meeting between Rosalie Bonenfant and Rosalie Vaillancourt, organized on the balcony of the latter.

► Sweet and salty is aired Monday to Friday at 18: 30 on TVA.


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