Swimming pool: residents of LaSalle decry the firmness of the regulatory

Piscine: des résidents de LaSalle dénoncent la fermeté de la réglementation

MONTREAL – residents of an apartment building in LaSalle can’t use their above ground swimming pool temporary due to municipal by-laws, and deplore the fact that the borough is not more flexible in this period of crisis, the COVID-19.

It’s hot in Montreal this summer, and long queues are forming in front of the municipal swimming pools because of the health measures in place. This is why Jean-Pierre Gaudreau, one of the tenants of a building of LaSalle, has desired to install an above ground swimming pool 1 meter high on the ground to allow four children and six adults who live in the building to bathe.

“We don’t want to wait an hour to swim for thirty minutes in a public swimming pool, in addition to that we are in a pandemic,” says Mr. Gaudreau.

But even if it has started its efforts in may and that the building owner is in agreement, here we are now in mid-July and the pool still remains empty.

According to the regulations of the district, it must first have a fence measuring 1.5 meters high around the pool. The one that delimits the field of the building is only 1.4 meters, and it is not possible, according to the regulations, to an increase in home.

“We wanted to add the mesh for it to be higher, but one must use the same materials for the entire fence, so it is impossible,” said Mr. Gaudreau.

The borough inflexible

In addition, as the rear exit of the building is located inside of the portion closed, an enclosure additional 1.2 meter locked should be set around the swimming pool. A scale retractable is not sufficient to prevent access to it.

For the borough of LaSalle, no derogation is possible to these regulations, “since it is the security (of life) of people,” writes the communications officer Angélica Ramirez.

Mr. Gaudreau understands very well the issue of drowning and the importance of putting measures in place to prevent the tragic cases, but it is estimated that the heat wave can also be very dangerous if people can’t cool off.

He condemns, therefore, the lack of flexibility of the borough.

“The owner wanted to do by calling the city to have a license and be within the rules for insurance. I am sure that several other residents have a swimming pool without a permit”, said he.

According to him, the closure of 1.4 meters around that frames the pitch protects quite well the court and the children can hardly access to the pool.

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