Swimming through health problems: Édouard Fullum-Huot aims for the Paris Olympics

Swimming through health troubles: Édouard Fullum-Huot aims for the Games Olympic Games in Paris


The last two years have not been easy, but the efforts and perseverance of swimmer Édouard Fullum-Huot were rewarded at the National Trials when he earned his ticket to the national team in the 4×100 m freestyle in anticipation of the world championship.

Victim of a finger fracture during a banal basketball incident, the Pointe-Claire club swimmer feared the worst when x-rays showed that a tumor had formed in one of his fingers.

“You never like to receive these kinds of calls,” said Fullum-Huot. There is always a small fear that the tumor is cancerous. I had surgery in April 2022 after Trials and I was two months without training. They gave me a bone graft from my wrist to my finger. »

When he returned to the collar in July ahead of the summer Canadian championships next door to his home at the Olympic Stadium, he feared the worst. On his return, he wore a brace to protect his finger when his hand touched the wall during turns.

“I had doubts on my return, he admitted. The two weeks leading up to the Canadian Championships were really tough. I had fallen behind and was starting almost from scratch. »

“Despite everything, we won the 4x100m relay with Pointe-Claire and it was a great moment before I left for Florida,” added Fullum-Huot. I was the one finishing the stint and I managed a time in the 49 seconds for the first time.

NCAA Dream

Before his operation, the 20-year-old swimmer had taken steps to realize his dream of playing in the NCAA. At the same time, he was training full time and working hard at school in order to complete his CEGEP in two years and meet the NCAA criteria.

Upon his arrival in Florida, Fullum- Huot underwent a battery of tests. 

“I had scans on both hands to check for other enchondromas . I received the green light from the doctors and I am 100% recovered. »

Full scholarships are very limited in swimming and the Florida Gators had not approached the Quebec swimmer. 

“I took the first steps,” he said. After several discussions, I was granted a partial scholarship and enjoyed tuition fees similar to those of Americans. I bought myself a plane ticket to Gainesville and jumped into the void. My boyhood dream came true. »

“Because I got good results in my first season in the NCAA, my scholarship will increase next year,” continued the man who trains under the leadership of Martin Gingras in Pointe-Claire. 

“I only missed my selection in the 50m freestyle by 0.1s. I am on the right track for the Paris Games in 2024. With the Gators, several swimmers from all over the world will try to qualify for Paris. The caliber is very high. »

A coach not surprised

Gingras did not fall out of his chair when his protege got his ticket for the worlds which will take place July 14-30 in Fukuoka, Japan.

“It was coming,” he said. Édouard swam very well in December. His time is a normal evolution. He has shown a lot of resilience in the last two years and he has matured a lot. It's a normal path for a young man of that age, even more so for sprinters. »

In addition to Fullum-Huot, Eric Brown and Patrick Hussey are the two other swimmers from the Pointe-Claire club qualified for the world championships. Brown achieved the World Aquatic standard in the 800m, in addition to winning the 400m and 1,500m events, and Hussey took silver in the 200m freestyle.

“It's really outstanding and I'm really proud,” said Gingras. With the exception of last year when Eric and Patrick qualified, this is the first time since 2012 that a male swimmer has gone to worlds. It is also the first time that we have three athletes in the same year. »

Katerine Savard and Mary-Sophie Harvey complete the Quebec contingent on the national team.