Swiss scientists have figured out how to beat paralysis

Швейцарские ученые придумали, как победить паралич

Scientists have successfully applied the pacemaker in the spinal cord injuryresearchers a practical way proved that the paralysis associated with spinal cord injury is not, in most cases, a fatal diagnosis for most patients, reports the with reference to Aspects

Scientists have successfully applied the pacemaker in the spinal cord injury and, thereby, put on the legs of patients forced to lie still in a hospital bed. The vestibular apparatus is responsible for the coordination of movements and ability to move with full orientation in space depends on spinal neurons. When spinal injury, communication with certain centers of the brain ruptures, which leads to paralysis. Thanks to the development of the Swiss bioengineers, electrical impulses of the neurons enter the brain via the “backup” network, which is not subjected to deformation during injury.

Thus, after six months training, the patient gains the ability to coordinate their movements, and also be able to navigate in space, to the same extent as before the injury. The stimulator gives tone to the muscles, with the underlying genetic memory, to reduce and, subsequently, to the ability to increase mass. The implants were tested in laboratory animals and then shown positive results on people with disabilities-wheelchair users. The experimental results have surpassed all expectations.

Currently, scientists are looking for an opportunity in this way to put on feet of patients after injuries sustained a few years ago.

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