“Swollen internal organs”: Anna Sedokova revealed details of his illness

The body of Ukrainian singer studded with red spots and blisters

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Recently, the Ukrainian singer and former member of the group “VIA Gra” Anna Sedokova frightened fans with his appearance and admitted that her health was crippled by stress. The state of the singer knocked down the rumors about her new affair with a married athlete. The singer even went to the hospital, but the red spots and blisters on the body is not gone, and resumed with renewed vigor. So Anna shared her creepy photos with followers on Instagram.

In addition, the singer told us that it all began with a few spots, and then a red rash started to itch, and increased as swelling. Anna when leaving the house I had to mask the redness tonal crepe and wear dark glasses to puffy eyes. But the worst thing is that Anna Sedokova began to swell internal organs.

“The last 3 weeks every morning I woke up from the terrible itching. I opened my eyes and felt a new swelling on the face. Spots that appeared in different places, then suddenly disappeared. I was hiding, put his glasses and cap, tried to disguise it by constantly applying concealer… And it all started with a couple of spots. It seems, on the neck. I thought self-will. Not passed. Every day was getting better. Most worryingly, with red spots on face and body I have, as the doctors said, become swollen internal organs. Throat was com. It became hard to breathe. My doctor told swelling is very dangerous, and now I have to carry in her purse a syringe and the medicine just in case,” wrote Anna.

The doctor yet to determine the exact cause of hives can not. We know only that the center of emergence of spots could be stress.

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“The causes are not known, it is not allergic to the products or flowering. They say she appears in the background of nervous stress. Here I remember I started playing in the theater, was very afraid that will not cope, and at the last rehearsal I had my first swollen lip. A couple of days ago I had an acute attack. That’s why I am writing this post to you, making drip. I want to say a huge thank you to my friends and family for what pull me from this nightmare… Yesterday after the publication of the photo I wrote, dozens of people with exactly the same problem, and I was determined to show that to me,” concluded the singer.

We will remind, the singer Anna Sedokova accused that she broke up the family and took a married athlete – basketball player Janis timma.

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"Отекли внутренние органы": Анна Седокова раскрыла детали своей болезни

"Отекли внутренние органы": Анна Седокова раскрыла детали своей болезни

"Отекли внутренние органы": Анна Седокова раскрыла детали своей болезни


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