S*x, drugs and rock and roll – favorites of Eurovision hooked on “fun” stuff, heartfelt confession

S*x, drugs and rock and roll – любимцы Евровидения подсели на "веселые" вещества, сердечное признание

Group Tvorchi, photos: see the Interviewer

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Ukrainian musicians and members of the electronic group from Ternopil TVORCHI, which became a sensation of the National selection for Eurovision 2020, Geoffrey Kenny and Andrey Gutsulyak told how to relate to drugs, what was his childhood Jeffrey in Nigeria, why he was difficult to live in the early years in Ukraine, and how they’ve created a professional video for $ 100.

The corresponding interview was published see interviews.

The musicians tried drugs, but they are extremely negative:

Our attitude to drugs is negative, as we did before the concert, no alcohol, no drugs don’t use. Even if you drink an alcoholic beverage, you’re just not cook – you are standing and everything. I will say this: about 4 years ago I tried “weed” and tried to write a bit. So you tupish that the work is unreal

Jeffrey, who hails from Nigeria, has about 20 sisters and brothers:

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Parents didn’t want me, I always traveled by car, and when I say I never took the bus, everybody was like, “What?”. Even my Nigerian friends say, “God, where were you?”. All are surprised, but my childhood passed in such a close circle, there were a few people. I have a twin brother and sister. They all live in Nigeria. My father many years ago had 3 wives, and I don’t even know how much I have brothers and sisters. But I know his blood brother and sister. We all lived in the same house. We have about 20 different brothers and sisters.

S*x, drugs and rock and roll – любимцы Евровидения подсели на "веселые" вещества, сердечное признание

Group Tvorchi, photos: see the Interviewer

Jeffrey had to endure the hard times in Ukraine, and therefore often suffered from racism:

For the first time in Ukraine, the most difficult was two things: language and people. Even still I have more than 3-4 friends of the Ukrainians. I just felt when I arrived here to learn that this environment was not too good. I don’t know how to explain, but just it was not good – actually, all of the first three years. Usually I go everywhere with headphones, ever since I arrived here. I’m on headphones all the time because I knew what would happen, but I don’t know how… No one never told me nothing wrong with my eyes, I just sometimes hear them say something from the side, passing by… I’m Usually on headphones, but don’t always listen to music. Sometimes I just want people to give me peace. And in the headphones I hear sometimes people saying. Sometimes they say the word “N”.

S*x, drugs and rock and roll – любимцы Евровидения подсели на "веселые" вещества, сердечное признание

Group Tvorchi, photo: Wikipedia

Musicians managed to make a video for $ 100, which won network:

We started to earn after the release of Believe, the clip we shot for 100 bucks. In the Director, first, we had no experience in shooting videos. It’s the photographer, it was his first video, he is satisfied. We spent the money on a chair and then to bring him home. The video was filmed in Ternopil, in an abandoned building club. Filmed 4 days. The most hard was shooting with 8 degrees of heat. We first thought that there is a “to easy”, but then, we dressed in light clothing. To understand how it was cold – we had the table, his politically [cloth], and in literally two minutes it froze. We tried as quickly as possible to do everything, to not too it was evident that he freezes. So the $ 100 we spent for transportation of goods and light.

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