Sylvester Stallone writes his daughters' breakup texts

Sylvester Stallone writes his daughters breakup texts


Sylvester Stallone's daughters have revealed their dad writes their breakup messages.

Breaking up a romantic relationship over text is really not glorious! But when the message is written by Rambo himself, it becomes a collector!

Unfortunately, the boyfriends Sylvester Stallone's daughters texted “ciao” to couldn't have known who the real author of the breakup text was. But perhaps they shared the opinion of their ex-girlfriends who admire their father's knowledge on this delicate subject. Indeed, “they were never mad at our candor,” Sistine Stallone remarked of their exes' reaction to text messages.

It was in an episode of the Giggly Squad podcast that Sistine and Sophia, the star's two daughters, shared some funny secrets about their father's role in their love lives.

“My father is a scholar when it comes to our love lives – in many areas. He writes most of our breakup messages,” Sistine revealed.

Sophia agrees, and explains the reason for this reliance on fatherly talents when she “urges” young women to ask their father to write a breakup text: “Men know men”.

The sisters also agreed that to have Rambo or Rocky for dad isn't always easy when you bring home a boyfriend! Not only are the boyfriends already bullied, but the super-protective dad adds to it by “always having a cigar” to assert his dominance over the new boyfriend. “I asked him why he was doing this,” Sistine said. And he answered me: “I can tell in the first four minutes of the meeting (with a boyfriend) if it will last or not, and therefore I will not waste my time”. And he's right every time.”

Besides Sophia (26) and Sistine (24), Sylvester Stallone and his wife Jennifer Flavin also have a 20-year-old daughter named Scarlet.