Syrian democratic forces claimed complete victory over the “Islamic state”

Сирийские демократические силы заявили о полной победе над "Исламским государством"

Syrian democratic forces for several weeks fought for Baggus.

U.S.-backed Syrian democratic forces, announced the ousting of the “Islamic state” with the latter territory under their control Baghouse in Syria.

Syrian democratic forces, declared “the complete elimination of the “Caliphate of ISIS”, which had covered a third of Iraq and Syria.

“Baggus released. A military victory over ISIS completed,” – said the head of the media office of the Syrian democratic forces, Mustafa Bali.

Syrian democratic forces for several weeks fought for Baghouse in the area of the Iraqi border.

“We reaffirm our promise to continue the war and to pursue the survivors ISIL to eliminate them altogether,” said Bali.

As reported, the White house argues that the territory under the control of ISIS militants in Syria eliminated 100%.

According to the US, “Islamic state” still can have 15-20 thousand supporters in Syria and Iraq. France previously stated that it will maintain its troop presence in Northern Syria, because he believes that the militants of the “Islamic state” was not destroyed and continue to threaten the interests of the country.


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