T4 to the view of everyone in a lane

Des T4 à la vue de tous dans une ruelle

At the time of the data theft are the a, a citizen found a bag full of T4 in a back alley in Montreal.

The manna contained T4 slips, which are used for tax reports to the tax year 2010, but also pay statements containing confidential information such as social insurance numbers.

Patricio Rosalez did not believe his eyes when he discovered the documents.

“That shocked me. Seeing everything that is happening with identity theft. It has not looking to find a T4 at the sight of all the world, to the centre-ville in Montreal,” he says.

He made the discovery of the documents last Monday, in an alley of the rue Stanley, near rue Sainte-Catherine. The man promptly reported the problem to 311, as it is often done for construction waste that are discarded in the alley.

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