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Des balises pour encadrer les écrans

With the approach of summer vacation, families are encouraged to review their rules surrounding the use of screens in the pandemic period, whereas the déconfinement gradual allows you to establish new routines.

“It is a great time to think about what we want to do our summer,” says Magali Dufour, a professor of psychology at the University of Sherbrooke and president of the committee of experts of PAUSE, an awareness-raising campaign on the balanced use of the internet.

Not surprisingly, the time spent in front of a screen has surged, with the containment measures from the start of the pandemic, according to figures from Statistics Canada. If it is still too early to measure the impact of this increase, however, it is important to ask about this use in a daily context of déconfinement.

PAUSE puts at the disposal of the parents a guide that can help them to better manage the time screen in the family, at the approach of summer.

“This tool allows the whole family to watch his own habits, and not only the young people versus adults. We are all in the same boat with the COVID, we all increased our use of screens. […] Now, it’s going to be the school holidays soon, what a beautiful moment to ask what is it that you want to make these habits here. “

Learn to draw the line

Ms. Dufour emphasizes the importance of providing moments without a screen each day in the family routine. This period may vary depending on the child, since some are more vulnerable than others in the face of the screens.

The young impulsive, who have narrower interests or difficulties in socializing are more at risk of developing problems in connection with the use of screens.

This is not the number of hours spent online, but rather the impact in the life of a young person who can “draw the line” between use and misuse of screens, ” she adds.

Getting up in the night to check social networks, or be unable to comply with the limits imposed are “clues” which suggest that it is time to act.

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