Take care of the military in a CHSLD

Prendre soin des militaires en CHSLD

A military seen as a trailblazer for many women in the army, continues its mission by sending gift packages to encourage the military reinforcement in the CHSLD.

“Me, in the time, when I was captain deployed in Croatia and Bosnia, it touched me to receive care package,” says the honorary lieutenant-colonel of the Regiment de Hull, Sandra Perron.

The officer Perron is which in 1992 became the first woman to integrate a combat unit, and then the first officer of the infantry of the canadian armed Forces (CAF).

“She has cleared the field for women in the army “, let it go Chantal Crépeau, officer of public affairs at department of national Defence, who has joined the combat unit in 1993.

The gift of self

If Sandra Perron considers itself rather as a “mentor” to several military, Chantal Crépeau believes that it also fulfils the role of ” mom “.

Evidence of this is the hundreds of gift packages were sent to deployed military personnel in the CHSLD in Quebec and Ontario for weeks.

And the initiative, devised by the commander of the Regiment de Hull, is controlled voluntarily by Ms. Perron.

Thousands of dollars in donations have been raised through the GoFundMe launched by the lieutenant-colonel. “With this money, we are going to spoil,” she said. They work very hard. They are isolated. We will let them know that we are here. “

Of the cream to the hands, lotion for the face, soles of boots “for the comfort” and sugary treats and salty to be available to military members.

“I did a conference call with thirty of them and asked what they wanted, what would make them happy,” says Ms. Perron, who wishes to add cards made by young people, ” to be read with a good bag of chips “.

This kind of packets is a common thing for the military and are deployed overseas. But the families are usually responsible to furnish the package of letters and goodies, and the armed forces, send them.

“This is not in the usual duties of the army to the care pacakge, argues dr Crépeau. It really is his personal initiative. “

Highlight :

During his career in the CAF, Sandra Perron, was raped, beaten and humiliated by some of his colleagues. She tells the story of these horrors into a narrative, Only at the front, published in 2017, and of which a film will be drawn.

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