Take his evil in patience

Prendre son mal en patience

Klo Pelgag has had to be patient these last few months. Then she had to launch her new album, Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs, in April, a certain global pandemic has turned upside-down all the plans. Two and a half months later, here it comes up with this excellent record, without a doubt, the best of his career. The Newspaper spoke with the artist about the creation, containment, return to normal and the Japan.

How have you experienced the spring seeing that the release of the album was delayed ?

“It was dotted with little losses. But it’s such a great location and bigger than we are [the pandemic]. Yes, it is flat for the album and for the momentum, but there are issues much more important were being discussed. There’s a world for which it was much more difficult than me. “

“It has been a work of patience is huge for me. The album was already ready in November. Just imagine me out in April, it was super far for me. And when it has been shifted, I was like : oh my god ! “

Usually, when you leave a disk, you think you already to the tour. In what state of mind are you in right now ?

“We are still waiting for the shows. When the pandemic exploded, it was in the process of addressing the tunes to transpose it on stage. We were excited to catch a glimpse of the beginning of the tour. We had some beautiful stuff coming. There was still hope for a tour in December in Europe. Tickets are on sale and it is not delivered for the moment. But we will continue to monitor the situation. I think that when I will remake shows, the world is going so much thirst to see. It’s going to be crazy. Until then, you just have to be patient and accept what is happening. I am not torn down by the situation at all. I am super excited. It cultivates a hurry. “

You gave birth to your first child at the beginning of the year. Is it that having a new human being who you care, it puts into perspective the things ?

“Absolutely ! The positive side to the personal level, it is that I can take every second and be with my child and see every microevolution. For that, it’s still extraordinary. If I didn’t have it with me, I would live, it may be difficult to this report-here. I’m a bit lucky in my misfortune ! “

You started working on your new album shortly after winning the Félix award for female artist of the year, in 2018. Have you experienced a different pressure to the remainder of this trophy ?

“The pressure is towards me. The worst criticism I can have, it is mine. I am all the time in a desire to challenge myself, to surprise myself. I was coming out of three years of touring. It was really intense, stunning. I had not had the time to sit down and create. When all was finished, I had a thirst huge to begin this project. At the same time, it was dizzying. I found myself in front of a vacuum. It was both stimulating and exciting, but also scary. I went in there and I kicked ass. I think I got to go further than what I knew and that I thought I was capable of doing. “

“It really is an album of transcendence, I think. I’m really not sitting on what I knew. I put myself to the challenge. This is what makes me the most proud. This is the album through which I got the most done and I have more grown up. I have had collaborations enriching with Sylvain Deschamps, François Zaïdan, Étienne Dupré and Pete Pételle. It is the core of the production of the album. It has been an extraordinary experience to work with them. “

You went to play in Japan in 2017. Are there other projects out there with this album ?

“I’m supposed to go there in August… But I don’t know how it will happen. It is my favorite country, I too look forward to returning ! Everything is a little fuzzy at the moment. “

“When I went there the first time, it was in the context of a festival. I had played in venues of 400 people. I had done four shows there. […] This is super abstract to me. I’m just happy to be able to go and play there. I love the culture there. I find it extraordinary to be able to play my music in non French-speaking countries. “

The new album of Klo Pelgag, Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs, is on the market. For more info : klopelgag.com.

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