Taken to hospital after car accident, she is released and dies at home a few hours later

Taken to hospital after car accident, she is released and dies at home a few hours later

Une femme meurt quelques heures après être sortie de l’hôpital. (Illustration) Stephen Andrews sur Unsplash

After having a car accident in the Netherlands, a woman died this Sunday June 30, 2024 at her home even though she had been authorized to leave the hospital a few hours earlier.

During the night from Saturday to Sunday, a collision between two cars left several victims on a national road in the Netherlands. A Belgian woman who was injured in the accident was taken to hospital. On Sunday morning, she was allowed to go out but she was found dead a few hours later at her home, indicates the media 7 on 7.

A first victim

A car with 5 people on board was stopped on the side of a road. One of the passengers was outside the vehicle when she was hit head-on by another car. Although for the moment, the police do not know why she was outside, the victim, a 41-year-old Belgian, died instantly.

A deadly authorization

During the accident, the passenger in the second car, a 24-year-old young woman from a town in the north of Belgium, was also injured. The emergency services present on the scene decided to take care of her and transport her to the hospital. The next morning, the health establishment decided to let her out, our colleagues explain.

According to the Belgian press, the young woman felt unwell and was found dead just a few hours after returning home by a member of her family. Although the criminal trail is ruled out, the prosecutor has nevertheless ordered an autopsy of the victim's body in order to shed light on the exact causes of death.

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