Taken with terrible consequences from COVID at age 9

Taken with terrible consequences from COVID at 9 years old

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COVID continues to spread like wildfire among many children.

Although most fight the virus more easily than adults, especially since 'they are vaccinated, some have a dangerous syndrome that can affect them for months on end. & nbsp;

Milah Johnson is 9 years old and for almost a year she has been affected by a strange illness. The first symptoms appeared in February, six weeks after contracting COVID. & Nbsp;

She was vomiting, did not want to eat.

Milah and her mother went to the emergency room at the Montreal Children's Hospital and the verdict is in.

The child has pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome which can appear two to six weeks after infection and which disrupts the immune system. & nbsp;

She was hospitalized for 3 weeks including one in intensive care.

Before the pandemic other viruses could cause this syndrome, but in fewer numbers. We were mainly talking about Kawasaki disease, which mainly affected children under the age of 5.

Vaccination of young people is already having a protective effect. & Nbsp;

Since the start of the pandemic, there have been around 100 cases at the CHU Sainte-Justine and as many at the Montreal Children's Hospital .

They may have very low blood pressure, fluid buildup around the heart, myocarditis, pneumonia. & nbsp;

Young Milah has had epileptic fits .

Last April we told you about Jayden-Lucas, 10 years old and also affected by this syndrome. He spent a month in intensive care at the Montreal Children's Hospital last February and had heart problems for months. & Nbsp;

His health only began to improve in August. & nbsp;

There have been no deaths in Canada, but dozens in the United States. & nbsp;

The syndrome affects 2 in 100,000 children, but no parents does not want to live with the fear of seeing his child so ill.

-According to information from Harold Gagné

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