Tame the corkscrew

Taming the corkscrew


Opening a bottle of wine in front of diners can be a daunting highlight, especially when you don't master the technique or the corkscrew. Explore the models available to get your hands on the one you'll be comfortable with. Here are some of them. 

Lever-operated corkscrew

This Trudeau corkscrew gives connoisseurs confidence when opening a good bottle. By inserting the auger into the cork with simple rotations, the two long lever arms of the attachment will rise. It is by lowering them then with both hands that the cork will dislodge from the neck. This corkscrew stands tall.

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Exceptional moments

The Peugeot Mathus corkscrew with blades accompanies exceptional moments, especially when the time has come to taste an old vintage topped with an aged cork weakened by the passage of time. By sliding its blades between the wall of the neck and the cork, then rotating it to extract the cork, it will come out intact. And if it breaks or sinks, the blades will catch it.

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Made from oak barrels

Made from oak barrels used, the double lever corkscrew Fût de oak Origine (Line W) lives up to its name. It combines winemaking tradition and functionality. The tasting of a grand cru will now be accompanied not only by the history of the wine, but also by the anecdote concerning this corkscrew. 

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The Automatic

Peugeot's first rechargeable electric corkscrew with a wooden body (also available in black), Elis Reverse is 100% automatic. Simply press it on the neck of the bottle to remove the cork, before tilting the accessory horizontally to then retrieve it effortlessly and in a few seconds. A single charge can uncork an average of 50 bottles. Foil cutter included.

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< strong>Rack-and-pinion

Equipped with a graduated scale and a rack, the Brucart corkscrew by Pulltex avoids drilling the cork and facilitates its extraction. It is used in four steps: remove the capsule using the integrated knife, position the corkscrew on the neck, turn it to insert the twist, then operate the rack to remove the cork.

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