Tame the mountain

Apprivoiser la montagne

With the containment that has awakened the taste of moving, to escape and to live new experiences of Quebecers, many of which have taken the path of the mountain bike this summer, determined to live strong sensations. But before reaching the top of the sport, it is necessary to start with the basics, while riding in the trails conducive to learning, which here is a few.

Empire 47

Playground varied

Experiencing an exceptional year, the centre of Empire 47 in Lac-Delage is on track to triple the number of season passes sold, while last year, 1289 had found takers. “Beginners and passes, family is definitely the reason for this increase,” says Alexander Lemerise, coordinator, marketing and development. The Family and the New Family totalling 3.7 km of trails, multi-purpose, precisely to these new followers of taming sport at their own pace. For those wishing to know more sensations in narrow trails known as ” singletrack “, the tracks on easy level Flowrentide, the beaver Tail, and soon the Pètepisrépète the wait. Moreover, the wide path to provide a series of jumps named Pada-One holds many delights for apprentices, as well as the two parks skills.

  • For information : e47.ca

Massif du Sud

The emphasis is on fun !

The trail The Robineuse (0.8 km), whose name recalls the cans and bottles found during its construction, ” is, to this day, the more rolling trails of the regional Park of the Massif du Sud, located in the regions of Bellechasse and Les Etchemins. Notice to beginners, it goes down more than it goes up ! As for the Long Game (2.2 km), such as 33 rounds, which allowed music lovers to prolong their pleasure, it offers ” a beautiful gradual to return to the docking station, there are lots of turns, sections and small jumps “, but without being too difficult. Here are two tracks for beginners to the sport and feel the vibration of the steering in the forest, ” says the director general of the parc Jean-François Préfontaine. “Beautiful bike tracks simple track, well calibrated, with a nice fluidity, allowing the sequence of turns fast enough,” he says.

  • For information : https://massifdusud.com/activites/velo-de-montagne/


Baptism of sport

The rise Panorama Express from Mont-Sainte-Anne gives you access to the bike trails that start at the top of the mountain, which the trail The Baptism that welcomes as many pros as beginners. Although it is rated Blue Square (challenging), this track is 4.5 km on the backdrop of the earth worked on linking the summit to the base, allows it to avoid obstacles that novices might consider too difficult. “Besides, children have no problem to get off and they have a lot of fun ! It really is the perfect track to start the bike Enduro and Downhill, either alone, with friends or family, ” says Simon Lefebvre, head of department of communications of the Mont-Sainte-Anne. The whole family will have fun also along the Loop of Gold, a pumptrack 2 km reserving a number of challenges.

  • For information : https://mont-sainte-anne.com/velo-de-montagne-3/

Vallée Bras-du-Nord

A departure sweet !

Among the 100 kilometres of mountain bike trails of the Valley Bras-du-Nord in Portneuf, the “sweet” sector Shannahan, which includes tracks like maple Butter (2.7 km), the barley Sugar (2 km) and maple Taffy (2.5 km), is well suited to give her the first strokes of the pedal in the forest. The three tracks of exciting sailing on a sugar maple ” have little elevation gain and allow the insiders to stretch your legs. A few rocks and roots litter the ground in places, but the trails beginners can be found in this area are for the most fluid and rolling, ” says Magali Hurtubise, communications coordinator, written, and social media.

  • For information : https://www.valleebrasdunord.com/velo-de-montagne-portneuf

Mountain bike MSG

Learn to excel

The Centre de ski de Saint-Georges-de-Beauce is the starting point of the 17 km of mountain Bike trails to MSG, from the work of dedicated volunteers. Several trails are beginner and intermediate level, including those in the areas Devastated, the track Grand Duke along the river Famine, as well as the Bandidas, offer a wonderful learning ground. When an obstacle occurs, a bypass option is always offered. “It allows people to go into the trails beyond their ability,” explains the president of the NPO, Jason Pouliot, what motivates them to excel, including looking at cyclists experienced through the obstacles. After all, “observation is the best way of learning after the practice,” says
Mr. Pouliot. In addition, stations will soon develop numerous skills, including one focused on the ” drops “, already available.

  • For information : https://fr-ca.facebook.com/VeloMSG/
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