Tanned to be flooded every time it rains hard

Tannés d’être inondés chaque fois qu’il pleut fort

Owners, residents and merchants of Verdun are no longer able to be flooded to repeat each time that occurs a major rain, because the sewer system is insufficient for the amount of water that accumulates.

“This is not the first time. In the month of October last year, one of our employees lost his car – total loss – because it has been flooded […] It is tanned, ” laments Xavier Lesaffre, the owner and head coach at gym CrossFit 514, which has suffered significant water damage during a storm on 8 July last.

Two days before the remnants of tropical storm Fay did not reach Quebec, an important quantity of water accumulated at the intersection of streets Hickson and Lanouette, in the borough of Verdun in Montreal, because of a heavy rain.

However, in addition to transform the roadway into the river as the residents of the area were already used to, the water has also seeped into the basements of the buildings, causing heavy damage.

Cars circulating on the street Lanouette after the storm of 8 July.

With the remnants of hurricane Isaias, who was still flooded the streets last week, the owners do not can simply more.


CrossFit 514, the rain water has not only flooded the gym, but it is also mixed with wastewater returned to the sewer, contaminating the local stench.

The owner of the place a dream to operate, the City of Montreal for damages, which amounted to between 20 000 $ and 30 000 $ at least, he says.

The gym CrossFit 514 was flooded on the 8th of July.

“Just Sunday evening, there still had thunderstorms. I came into a catastrophe, because the water had reached the door of the gym […] At the corner of the streets, there was a geyser of sewage water that was […] If it starts again next week, me, what do I do ? “asks Mr. Lasaffre.

CrossFit 514“>

Xavier Lesaffre
CrossFit 514

A tenant of the rue Lanouette has already had to do the crane kick, grocery bags in hand, because there was three feet of water in front of their markets, argues a owner of accommodation surveyed.

Correction expected

Well aware that the situation must be corrected, the mayor of the borough of Verdun appealed to the patience of the citizens, the work is beautiful and well planned to enlarge the ducts to the boulevard in LaSalle the next spring.

“It is a sector that is more conducive to flooding, said Jean-François Parenteau. We just have this section to finish […] After, it should not be this type of pushback in this area here, which unfortunately has suffered from this for years. “

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