TARABAROVA talked about nervous breakdowns

The singer admitted how she manages to hold back the emotions

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TARABAROVA рассказала о нервных срывах


Ukrainian singer TARABAROVA, who recently showed the grown son, behind the scenes holiday show “S Day narodzhennya, Ukraino!”, which channel “Ukraine” will show on 24 August at 20:00, admitted, you can subdue your own emotions.

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The singer has admitted that he lives for a crazy schedule – touring has to combine with raising a young child. However, in an interview to journalists of TV channel “Ukraine”, the artist told how he learned to maintain inner peace.

“Of course, I don’t sleep much, because you feed the baby the moms will understand. But I don’t take it out on the family, I realized over time that it is possible to Express emotions in another way. When you want to have something to throw… I cry! Go into a room and shout: AHHHH! And so, this way of dealing with stress. But honestly, lately not even the strength to scream. So I sit, drink tea and go to bed” – shared the actress behind the scenes of the show “S Day narodzhennya, Ukraino!”.

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Recall that in the holiday show “S Day narodzhennya, Ukraino!” ignite Tina Karol, Oleg Vinnik, Max Barsky, Sergey Babkin, Alyosha, ALEKSEEV, Michelle Andrade, TAYANNA, TARABAROVA, JERRY HEIL, as well as a group “Time and Glass”, “MOZGI”, KAZKA, DZIDZIO, “Antitila”, “NEANGELY”, “БЕZ you like”, KADNAY, Freedom-jazz, LETAY. Director holiday was Elena Kolyadenko and leading – Alexander skichko. The television version of the show the audience of the channel “Ukraine” will see 24 August at 20:00 in the framework of festive air, devoted to the independence Day of Ukraine.

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TARABAROVA рассказала о нервных срывах

TARABAROVA рассказала о нервных срывах

TARABAROVA рассказала о нервных срывах


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