“Taras Poplar, the son of wood, and the wife had a boy because she Alyosha”: Ruslan Kvinta outraged artist on Go_A

Frontman of the band “Antibody” sharply criticized the song for the winners of national selection-2020

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February 22 was held the final of national selection, which determined the representative of Ukraine at “Eurovision-2020” is a group Go_A. And today, 25 February, held a press conference of the team, which was also attended by the musical producer of the competition Ruslan Kvinta and Chairman of the National public broadcasting company of Ukraine.

"Тарас Тополя сын дерева, а жена у него мальчик, потому что она Alyosha": Руслан Квинта возмущен словами артиста о Go_A

Go_A will represent Ukraine at “Eurovision-2020”

During the press conference, journalists asked how Go_A responded to the words of Taras poplars, which criticized their song song “the Nightingale”, describing it as “pseudoatom”. The soloist of the band Ekaterina Pavlenko said that everyone has an opinion.

“Everyone has their own opinion. The territory of Ukraine – one of the largest in Europe. Studying the folklore of the territory of Ukraine, I saw a picture that in each region its own dialect. Even take the Sumy and Chernigov – the dialects differ. We work with folk material and we try to dig the song. And so all the dialects that occur in our work, it’s not because we wanted to and did so – so. And it’s not like that now”, – says Ekaterina.

But the musical producer of the national selection for “Eurovision-2020” Ruslan Kvinta spoke sharply about the statement of the frontman of the band “Antibody”:

“It’s like that I would say that Taras Poplar, the son of wood, and the wife had a boy because she Alyosha”, – said Ruslan Kvinta during a press conference.

Find out the details behind the scenes of the final of national selection on “Eurovision-2020”:

“We did not aim to hurt anybody’s feelings and to provoke. If they are still their full potential sent to some creativity… From Haight of no use,” – said the soloist Go_A.

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