Targets and balances

Targets and balances

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What are our greenhouse gas reduction targets worth?

Answer: not much & nbsp;

We already knew that, but it is useful to remember that promises generally turn into wishful thinking that we renew. & nbsp;

Since 1990, Canada has produced 9 plans to fight climate change and signed 4 international agreements. & nbsp;

The result of the races comes down to 20% more greenhouse gas emissions in 30 years. & Nbsp;

“They set several targets in the past, and we never hit them. And there, we are pushing back to 2030 a new target which will be even more difficult to achieve. “& Nbsp;

Not new

This scathing observation does not date from yesterday. It comes from the then Environment Commissioner … in 2017.

Federal environmental and official languages ​​watchdogs must get along. Each year, their findings are the same. Lots of words, few concrete actions that yield results. & Nbsp;

Government action can sometimes even run counter to its ambitions. & Nbsp;

Take the purchase of the Trans Mountain pipeline, which, for the commissioner, is a blatant example of “inconsistency” and which does not “fit in with the commitments made in the fight against climate change”.

By appointing environmental activist Steven Guilbeault to the environment, the Trudeau government wanted to send the signal that these targets are worth more than the paper they are written on. & Nbsp;

Let's give the runner a chance, but let's say the coast is steep. & nbsp;

Oil production from the tar sands is forecast to increase by almost 20% over the next two decades. The technologies to green this industry are yet to be found.

It seems we are content to wait for progress to save us. & Nbsp;

Because governments are not the ones only to live on faith and hope in less polluting technologies to transport us, to house us, to heat us. & nbsp;

Our standard of living depends in large part on the vigor of consumption. And then hey, we must take advantage of the Black Friday sales as Christmas approaches!

 Targets and balances

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